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Hey buddy, your stage monitor is giving me penis envy.695 viewsIt's hard to look kvlt when throwing your foot on top of a stage monitor that is no taller than a footstool at the shoe store. This must be Germany.3 commentsposeur
Svengar shreddin' it429 viewsJudging by The Flash mask and the shredder Ibanez toy he's playing there, I think it's safe to say this guy isn't ripping through Autumn Leaves.1 commentsposeur
Real Russian Black Metal731 viewsMy name is Igor, and my band is real kvlt Russian Black Metal. Would you like to make American Marlboro smoke?7 commentsposeur
down on satan878 viewsjust goes to show that every subculture has its faction of those who're a bit light i the loafers3 commentsengelbert
Gwar Assplug and fishnets829 viewsLook, I don't care how fucking long GWAR has been at it. This faggoth is wearing fishnets and some organ-looking assplug.3 commentsposeur
Black Metal Creek780 views"Yah unt dees ees vhere I pose like gangsta metulhead creekresting glacier varrior yah."2 commentsposeur
trailer whiskey607 viewsTrailer? Check.
Shirtless hick? Check.
Drinking from the bottle wrecklessly? Check.
3 commentsposeur
Stumps O'Malley557 viewsSing us a song, you're the piano man, eh.7 commentsposeur
Redbeard rocks the Basement528 viewsBlack metal band concert photo ops are always a disaster. Half the time you get fat smelly fucks like this guy with his makeup all faded and caked into his red-dyed "behold my conversation-piece" goatee.3 commentsposeur
Masters of the Basement Universe539 viewsBy the power of my plastic weaponry, I hereby invoke the powers of the 21+ crowd to manifest some beer ... please. -5 for wearing fishnet Madonna gloves.4 commentsposeur
spidey seizure activate!549 viewsever wonder what would happen when you cross spiderman with black metal?3 commentsG.I. Zombie
grr609 viewshear me growl in black metal sorrow!5 comments
bathed593 viewsI haven't washed my hair in weeks!6 comments
GWAR faggotry655 viewsWill Sasso as Rob Halford meets Oderous from GWAR for a little "performance art."4 commentsposeur
I HATE YOU MOMMY!527 viewsTHIS FAMILY STINKS!5 commentsFunker_joe
note the empty cheez-it bag in the foreground. 582 views4 commentspwnxd
519 viewsRock out with your cock out 2 commentsCuntyClause
The Uruk-Hai Are Upon Us499 viewsThere are so many places to start. You could talk about his hair. His shitty makeup. His weight. His dirty sneakers. His PAJAMAS. How Black Metal is that. And then there's Corpse Bride over there on the right. I doubt even Bush would mind if Al Qaeda took this shitfest out.3 commentss.yphon
Sumatran Doll-Eating Black Metal Sumo Wrestler526 viewsOh man. Just, oh man. This picture is nothing but funny, from the sharpie makeup to the severed doll head, to the Hot Topic wristband, to the contact lenses. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?9 commentss.yphon
Last of his species416 viewsI don't care how many metalheads claim this is a legitimate talent. In an age where one person can perform an entire concert with a G4 laptop from behind a black curtain, guys like this are more like The Bearded Lady @ a circus than anything else.2 commentsposeur
YEAH! STUFFED ANIMALS!479 viewsI'm not sure wtf he's doing other than looking like Cousin It. However, Cousin It doesn't have a lavalamp, nor a crappy black metal shirt.8 commentsbatastrophe
"yep...462 views... i definately felt a raindrop. let's get inside guys, i don't want my corpsepaint to smudge."5 commentspwnxd
wha a rare breed589 viewsa black black metal kid. there are also (shitty quality) pictures of him wearing white corpse paint. does that make him a white black black metal kid?6 commentspwnxd
497 viewsthat's some fine workmanship on the mase-thing to the left. it looks like it's made of pretzels. 1 commentspwnxd
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