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passion in the water closet640 viewsoh the rivulets....
oh... the rivulets.....
1 commentsengelbert
old faithful688 viewsthar she blows4 commentsengelbert
i <3 hangers693 viewssome people prefer the more traditional forms of birth control.4 commentsengelbert
AZN Pee Wee Herman Bird Flu Zombie603 viewsQuick! Someone call Dr. Zizmore and hopefully we can reverse this poor fella's psoriasis.2 commentsposeur
GWARt554 views"Dude, no matter how many times I go see GWAR, I will never get bored of being sprayed with Kool Aid blood. \m/"poseur
strange wedding ceremonies435 viewsall i know about this photo is that the bloody mess in this picture was the best man at someone's wedding, i saw a corresponding picture of him, minus the blood, dressed as is stating that he was getting ready for the nuptials.1 commentsengelbert
At least this girl went the extra mile684 viewsMy daddy doesnt love me enough so ill cover myself in shit and fake blood, that will get me the attention i crave3 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
thumb tacs834 viewsI wonder if thumb tacs could be of any help to my sagging boobs?7 commentstechno_slut
this is mad love657 viewsangry sex goes astray after "victim" says right after making love: "your sister's beautiful"... if you look closely you can make out pretty much anything here "i <3 will shatner", "IBM RULZ" "BLT, NO SUPERSIZE ME", etc. etc. etc.... meanwhile he's still confuzzled over why the dildo was made out of oak. engelbert
bathtub588 viewsGet a life people!4 comments
Tony Clifton does Ray Charles803 viewsPunkabilly never got so bloody.poseur
I Vant Your Bracesss!585 views3 commentsFunker_joe
not quite ready809 viewsit's cute to see these types steeping in their so-called pain-obliviousness... however, in cases like this, she is stronger if she knew, going in to this, it would be a very robust amount of pain to digest.

the one who has the stronger will power is the one who knows they're in for a world of hurt, other than the one that knows their own body and is just putting on a show to prove a "point".
3 commentsengelbert
Juggalo Sumo Plastic Salad Surgery930 viewsThey had a special on nose jobs down at the was it crowded.1 commentsLove_Cartridge
Fangella561 viewsDon't choke to death on your own fake fangs. How are you going to feast when you can't even get a cracker past those things?2 commentsposeur
Separated at birth?412 views50 Cent and Seung Cho, Virginia's most prominent NRA supporter.Love_Cartridge
feminine hygiene ninja610 viewsi'm really glad there's a "bloody messes" category :D1 commentsTalibanSam
Lay off the Smuckers965 viewsThere comes a time in your life where you have to say to yourself, "you know, I think I'm a little too old for this Smuckers habit."poseur
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