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Handlebar Finger Stash1054 viewsI remember doing this with black or even blue ink back in 7th grade to make my nerd friends laugh. I never considered committing fully to the gag by getting a handlebar moustache tattooed to the inside of my index finger.4 commentsposeur
Yes Admire it chatters933 viewsI have powned you, your lame tattoos are passe compaired to my originality3 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Proof H0t t0pic sells tattoos837 viewsWait, im the original one not you3 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Man i took some acid and802 viewsthese blueberrymen were chasin me, next morning i woke up and they had attached to my skin5 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
skully1116 viewsThere appears to be a tattoo uploading there ya have it.

12 commentsdapperrivet
Things to do with your belly button1039 views5 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Return Of The Jedink899 viewssci-fi geekdom meets tat-needle junkiedom8 commentsengelbert
HAHAHAHA1014 viewsthis is wrong for so many reasons5 commentsengelbert
skeletwink2076 viewsi too dream of being a questionably queer walking billboard.. he should've aimed for AdidasS... the skeleton has that totally flaming "oh that dress just looks HORRID on you" type of look... i love his faux "macho man" type pose, i bet he gets into alot of sissy-slap fights. alright, i'll shut up before i break a nail typing this shit. 11 commentsengelbert
The party ended a few years ago987 views... but this Magellan is still trying to keep it going with his half-baked tattooed perma-joke. Explain that one to your teenage son when attempting to lay down the "ground rules."2 commentsposeur
"Uh Oh, i think it's too far to the right! FOT represent!"691 views"Do you think anyone will notice it's crooked? I'm so FOT yo!"7 commentsDimitrios
i dont know what the hell this is677 viewsbut i hope to god that it's drawn with a ballpoint pen, colored in with a half-dry sharpie, and not real. sadly, i know that it's indeed just one terrible tattoo.4 commentspwnxd
744 viewsher fellow ubergawffs must worship her now. 5 commentspwnxd
589 viewsit seems that miss liberty has multiple sclerosis.3 commentspwnxd
685 viewssome stupid scene bitch with a hairy stomach and nasty bellybutton attempting to look cute, but failing miserably, because her "gun" here looks like it was run over by a semi. 3 commentspwnxd
Fart Simpson736 viewsEat my bellybutton lint!5 commentsr_sin00
Plastic Acne814 viewsI think the fake tatt says it all.7 comments
Skeleton chicks are FUCKING HOT!!!580 views...1 commentsgoatgrrrrl
it's the return offff...642 viewsMr. COOL ICE. who remembers this guy? better question: who could FORGET this guy?7 commentspwnxd
Nothing says "Dedicated witch/satanist" like light blue ink and dolphins on your lower back...532 views...2 commentsgoatgrrrrl
hahaha. shit. 692 viewsthis is the epitome of "your ink guy fucked up."5 commentspwnxd
Like a Sturgeon590 viewsLike a Sturgeon. Inked for the very first time.2 comments
Ron Burgundy567 viewsIt's Ron Burgundy from "The Anchorman"1 comments
Hey Hulkamaniacs704 viewsNow all we need is an Andre the Giant tattoo to compliment this one.2 comments
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