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Nascar Tattoos691 viewsSo her boyfriend has something to watch while doing her doggie style in his trailer.5 comments
Strenght and Nisdom797 views"God give me the strenght to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things that I can and the nisdom to know the difference."

This isn't something that a high powered sander can't fix.
oh jesus god652 viewsthis tattoo looks hungry.
candy godiva in tattoo form?
2 commentspwnxd
624 viewsagh, what the hell?2 commentspwnxd
601 viewsmuppet? pin-up? her crotch-bump looking thing bothers me to no end. 3 commentspwnxd
uhhhhhhmmmm...653 viewsno comment. 2 commentspwnxd
oh my god.722 viewswhat the flying fuck.

all i have to say is that it makes perfect sense that she has a wolf on her opposite shoulder. only complete fucking weirdos like wolves enough to get tattoos of them.
5 commentspwnxd
what's gayer than getting a mustache tattooed on your forefinger?690 viewsnot much, except getting tears and lightsabers tattooed on your forefingers.4 commentsTalibanSam
fuckkk.578 viewsi don't even really know what to say about this one. i think the best part is that both this tattoo AND the horrible slipknot one titled "ughh..." were both done by the same "artist", on the same person. you'd think after he did a horrible job on the FIRST one that the guy wouldn't want another one from the same guy. 1 commentspwnxd
ughh...593 viewsshitty band. REALLY shitty tattoo.4 commentspwnxd
whhhhaaat the fuck.576 viewsHONESTLY. this tattoo is on the SAME guy as the shitty slipknot/weird tribal tattoos are. done by the SAME artist. i don't think tattoos can get ANY WORSE. this is just mind-boggling.2 commentspwnxd
apparently, this shittily done kanji tattoo means, "burning rain". the phrase "burning rain" just makes me think of bladder infections.595 viewsstretchmarks - check. shitty tattoo in a language you can't read - check. homedone finger tattoo - check. HUGE flap of skin that must be supported with your entire arm - check.

my question is - what body part IS that? nipple-less boob? bellybutton-less belly?
4 commentspwnxd
mmmmmmm, stetchmarks.528 viewseven MORE stretchmarks and shitty tattoos. apparently, it means, "evil angel". hopefully, their tattoo "artist" wrote "this is one huge bitch" instead.pwnxd
You were supposed to tattoo my ass!!!739 viewsUh, sorry dude, I thought I was...2 commentsLove_Cartridge
Metal as FUCK644 viewsI dunno, fuck IS pretty metal.2 commentsFunker_joe
"Thank God this will wash off!"687 views"..... right?"1 commentsposeur
mmmm...573 viewsMom? Meh? Who the fuck tattoos the word "mmm" on themself?

Someone identify this for me. I thought it might have been Gir with a curly afro but I think the goosebump stubble may be interfering with the perspective.
Cut it off587 viewsBefore the infection spreads1 commentsFunker_joe
Silent 'ill602 views"My tattoos are cultural expressions."

Here we have some ceremonial markings from a member of the Green Bay, WI tribe.

(This makes my ATARI YARS' REVENGE tattoo look 'vintage'.)
OuranGUTan580 viewsWhile I admire that this specimen doesn't try to front with the "tribal markings" (despite this being a jungle nature scene), I must ask the burning questions. Why do paunch-bellied NASCAR fans use their belly button as a focal point for a tattoo, and why is that focal point always the asshole of some stinky animal like a monkey or cow?

"Fuck it, I'm not getting laid anyway."
In Loving Memory of Zombie Shark Lady670 viewsThis has already been posted on digg and gorillamask but let's see what kind of mean things you guys can come up with about this.4 comments
Gecko Dragon Tattoo677 viewsThis will be popular with the boys down at the LARP convention. Are those 16 sided dice?

future cultural revolutionary531 viewsi hope people start copying the cunt puncher idea like they do the nicole richie rosary around the ankle idea3 commentsTalibanSam
chick magnet515 viewsnothing says badass like a... tweety bird tattoo?1 commentsTalibanSam
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