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Fatburger627 viewsObese minority in crash helmet, check.
Oversized fast food trash, check.
Bib ... bib? He ate it. Just use a roll of paper towels.
4 commentsposeur
unidentified dangling flesh785 viewsWhite shoes with black socks? Check.
Hand reaching for snacks? Check.
Bedspread mumu? Check.
Dangling fleshy mound? Check.
5 commentsposeur
Future Obese American576 views"Way to go, Dad! Thanks for promoting my health at such a young age. If you could, be sure to blow some nitrous oxide into my belly so it sticks out a bit more."4 commentsposeur
a reason why they have the barricade in front of the stage855 viewsi saw bauhaus just recently and now i know why they weren't all that great to see, they're probably scared silly of encountering entities like this at the front of the audience6 commentsengelbert
Beyond Reubenesque854 viewsThis one looks like she's smuggling 100 reuben sandwiches in her ass.4 commentsposeur
Predicting Tsunamis641 viewsIn physics, I learned about the concept of "potential energy". I think this image sums up the concept beautifully. What a superhero.3 commentsposeur
Boriqua Greeting Card751 viewsApparently this type of thing is acceptable in Puerto Rico and Germany.7 commentsposeur
blubberd.jpg i mean plus plus PLUS...771 viewsbellybutton - the new vagina3 commentsengelbert
Bulldog or Chatter, you decide719 viewsmy vote this was a horrible prank on someones dog2 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Evil is a matter of perception527 viewsStarving Sudanese kids probably see the amount of food you consume and think, "Man, that woman is evil."1 commentsposeur
You missed the "no tacos on webcam" memo552 viewsWhat's next? A picture of Germans playing with their own shit?5 commentsposeur
Why?759 viewsWhat you'll find in Metal:1 at 4pm.7 commentsCuntyClause
Girlvinyltarp and Grandma Bella715 viewsA GIS for the keyword "vinyl" turned up this monstrosity. You may ask what compells an orca to show off much skin? Perhaps it's because in nature these massive creatures of the deep do not wear any clothes. The Penguin's umbrella should also give you a hint as to what her diet in the wild consists of.1 comments
the "other" whale blubber744 viewseskimos could live off of this quartet for at least a year.5 commentsengelbert
"i wanted to be a rock star...648 least this saves me from having to work in the kitchen appliances section at Future Shop..."

*i would've put this in ink guy fucked up but this tubby has well done tats, i guess he would since he's got more than enough canvas to work with...
2 commentsengelbert
let's try -this- angle735 viewsthat old "oh this is my better side" pose... i'm glad her naked feet are visible in this... it just goes to show how much strain feet go through when they're carrying the weight of a barn full of raw chicken gizzards on them.... this is an example of a crystal meth junkie, contrary to popular belief, they're not always skinny... the knife suggests that she's well aware of the fact she needs to switch to better chemicals1 commentsengelbert
welcome to the abyss638 views....wait a minute, this isn't a buffet slayer, it's a bean bag chair :-?4 commentsengelbert
Ordering Cases of Cupcakes607 viewsShe really needs to stop flirting with the guy who puts in orders for sweets...4 commentsFunker_joe
chris farley?605 viewsthis (wo)man bears a striking resemblance to chris farley. weird. wither way, she/he's HOT HOT HOT.4 commentspwnxd
and the ouija board says...820 viewsyou're one fat hampire. 5 commentspwnxd
You have to try the omelets at this place.590 views"How is everything guys?" "Oh, great. I love it here. The Mayonnaise Bar is the best I've seen. What a great idea."6 commentsLove_Cartridge
I brought my spare buttocks this time466 views"Are you comfortable enough, June?"
"I sure am, thanks to my Knight Industries 2000 Turbo Boost Catastrophic Ass-padding technology!"
Got Milk?541 viewsAnd all these years I had thought that vampires drank blood..2 commentsG.I. Zombie
Let Yourself Go608 viewsThere comes a point in your life where you make a decision about your self image. This guy is embracing his decision, literally.8 commentsposeur
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