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Stripey Tights Sadie596 viewsYes, that's his real name (and yes, I'm fairly sure it's a he). Spotted in The Graveyard:1.8 commentsMoebius_Torn
you have been very naughty...725 viewsi'd rather get teeth pulled than be dominated by this chick. the blubber is enough, but the $20 cleavage tattoos and the mullet are a step over the line.7 commentsTalibanSam
Your typical Goth chatter.564 viewsKeeping the local 24 hour Krispy Kreme in business.4 comments
Ginger MySpacer.497 viewsThat french fry further emphasizes what a raging pork ball she is. I like it.3 commentsIngrid.Cold
Poor Child.532 viewsMoments after this picture was taken, she smelled the scent of chocolate on the childs breath. The empty casket funeral will be held next week at 3 pm.7 commentsIngrid.Cold
separated at birth?939 viewsFat goth #128980982039 / Andre the Giant2 commentsposeur
more candy godiva by popular demand810 viewshere you go, love_cartridge. more candy godiva for you!

the only reason 'material girl' applies to this woman is due to the fact that you would need at least 50 yards of material to cover her.
8 commentsTalibanSam
Candy Godiva885 viewsThe triangle is out of place :-|6 comments
whole lotta love655 views here is my seperated #2, in keeping with the new tradition.
i'm gonna send ya, back to school yeah. gonna give you every inch of my love
3 commentsreverbperv
Candy Godiva has a little sister...773 viewsCandy godiva envies this bitch and her kanklewarmers look big enough to fit around my neck loosely.10 comments
Uncle Pauly540 viewsThis gorilla was sighted getting up from bed in the middle of the night after a long night of killing a case of Coors Light and making half-baked beerbreathed passes at underage girls in the local bowling alley.4 commentsposeur
Gah..602 viewsWhen will they realise... no matter what angle, they'll still be fat.1 commentsCuntyClause
Pink is never flattering.614 viewsThree tits or a smoked ham? You decide.5 commentsCuntyClause
Dual Purpose Dinettewear631 viewsTablecloth during the day, manatee sarong at night.5 commentsposeur
614 viewstoo much sexy for one faux-corset.3 commentspwnxd
Tubby the Icecream Slayer591 views"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"1 commentsfred_sanford
Playboy "Bunny"484 viewsConch
Three Cheers for the All England Buttocks Team1439 viewsBlimey...two hours to Barcelona?? They better be feeding us on the flight!! I can't go that long!!!1 commentsLove_Cartridge
All it you.477 viewsWell, we have the chair now...all that's left is to open up all the aisles to 78 inches, and we're good to go.1 commentsLove_Cartridge
Meet me at Obee's!527 viewsThere is a sandwich shop in Albuquerque called Obee's. It's my favorite. Luckily the residential facility is uphill from I can get there on my own. I love the freedom the FatarseLifter 2000 gives me. I still have to call the van to get back up the hill though.2 commentsLove_Cartridge
Happy Thanksgiving544 viewsSleeping in easy chair - Check.
Passed out while eating w/food still in arm's reach - Check.
Remote, water, beermug, napkin - Check.
Mouth agape - Check.
Struggling for the perfect pics554 viewsHere at, we will go to any lengths to capture only the best quality photos for your viewing pleasure.2 commentsposeur
typical metal fan446 viewsoverweight, underachieved, walking around shirtless and obviously winded with camera in hand in his back yard at 3 pm2 commentsTalibanSam
Not A Do Now.1948 viewsI saw this girl in do's. She looked ok there. But look at her here.
Fat and dwarf like.
4 commentscookie_cutter
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