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Hey! Where are you going with that hotdog?576 viewsthis was really on her site....
GETS ME HOT: Men who wear eyeliner. Dirty Goth/rocker
boys. Men who take their time. Sonnets written in my
honor. Water. Men who smoke.
7 commentsDisappear
R.I.P. estee lauder505 viewsits a good thing ms. lauder has passed, or she'd have died anyway when she found out goth kids were choosing all purpose flour instead of fresh face foundation.1 commentsTalibanSam
"robot girl"578 viewsi have absolutely nothing witty to say.3 commentsTalibanSam
High Society417 viewsGood thing Earl here thought of a way to ventilate his pizza pouch. Give me a shot of the "I don't give a shit" punch!3 commentsposeur
Mazel Tov! or "The Bride gets her own cake"563 viewsI can't see where the cake/icing ends and where her dress/body begins. She just looks like she's sitting in a huge Carvel cake.4 commentsposeur
Go USA!456 viewsDude: Please, don't eat so much, America. I beg you.
Lady: Shut the fuck up you skinny foreigner! I'll fucking eat you! Go USA!
google image search for 'super goth'467 viewsso many things wrong with this, i don't know where to start. 1 commentsTalibanSam
lookout, candy godiva!543 viewsthere's a younger, sassier model on the loose, and she doesn't have a mullet! better stop charging access to your portfolio and hope to god people have chugged a few down before they stumble upon your website. :(TalibanSam
Separated at Birth??505 viewsCandy Godiva and, uh, Candy Godiva?1 commentsLove_Cartridge
I Ate Amy Lee495 viewsYeah, Don't you love the way I am Bustin out of my corset? 3 commentsConch
run521 viewsthey're coming for you. :(2 commentsTalibanSam
"Alabama Bench Warmer" or "Grace Under Pressure"407 viewsBiscuits and gravy didn't miss this person. Do you magically form a third ass cheek when you grow to this size?1 commentsposeur
DementedFaygoBoy507 viewsdoublechin mcspecialforehead is bisexual. look out guys!4 commentsTalibanSam
Is it art?574 viewsI'm not sure, let's armwrestle over it. The victor gets to stick his hand in the flap and pull out a prize.

Of course it's art. Complete with the artfags.
3 commentsposeur
The Sicilian Compass401 viewsSo what's down there big fella?
The Big Bambino362 viewsPhilly Wing Bowl Contestantposeur
Obi Wing372 viewsLosing his lunch at Philly Wing Bowlposeur
A hot ghetto mess416 viewsHe can't get his arms around all that ... mess.poseur
More than just junk in her trunk356 viewsUnbelievable. This woman's ass has its own center of gravity, causing inanimate chairs to weep and groan.poseur
Winner!295 viewsFat and drunk? Check.
Cheap American beer? Check.
Trashy public display of affection? Check.

Just because you're drunk, it doesn't mean this party is yours to hijack.
Chocolate airbags364 viewsJesus Christ what did this woman's parents feed her as a child? The thumbnail of this image produced some interesting tricks on my eyes.poseur
Hot girl, fat guy493 viewsI think I'm going to make this into a new thread. I don't think this guy could do much more to make that girl look hot, except excuse himself from the photo.poseur
Another hot girl, another fat guy617 viewsShe didn't know when she showed up for her charity photo op that she'd have to mingle with Zambia's most famous wrestler.poseur
Technically not nude361 viewsI'm going to hedge my bets and wager that this is actually a man.poseur
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