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seperated for sure!345 viewsIf Trent would stop using his grecian 9 formula, he would look more like his twin brother Taylor Hicks, the American Idol pussy that won last season. 2 commentsreverbperv
seperated at undeath364 viewsEddie Murphy is laughable as a black vampyr, yet somehow in her most lively moments, Condi still looks like an evil KUNT.3 commentsreverbperv
seperated at birth?349 viewsUlof and Ewan have a similarity that I can't quite peg. Maybe you can help?2 commentsreverbperv
Nicole Ritchie and Kim Jong-Il337 viewsseparated at birth? just look at those stunna-shades...1 commentspwnxd
Hasselsofft Drink313 viewsYou know, for a straight guy, David sure does make me wonder.1 commentsposeur
Conan the Raver Barbarian372 viewsHe's much more deadly with glowsticks.1 commentsposeur
Vorvon the Space Vampire Poser441 viewsCreature from an old Buck Rogers TV episode, originally aired Jan 3 1980. This is about as risque as the half-baked 80's Sci-Fi TV future-nerd writers could get back then. Hey, at least Erin Gray looked good in glitter spandex even if you had to sit thru Goth Club Space Vampire guys named Vorvon and Buck Rogers wearing skimpy leather, hairy chest all blaring out at you.poseur
Lily Munster, RIP569 viewsYvonne De Carlo apparently posed nude and had a nice rack.1 commentsposeur
Robot Cheney334 viewsNow I we know that Dick Cheney is powered by a Sound Blaster 16 PCI sound card.1 comments
Wolferine419 viewsPaul Wolfowitz heads the World Bank. You mean to tell me this guy can't afford a new pair of socks? He must have knives for toes!1 commentsposeur
Lycanthrope Love482 viewsPlease, shoot some more heroin. It might lazy up that one good eye you have there. What is wrong with America?poseur
release the bats372 viewsguess who?
2 commentslelly
Separated at birth?407 viewsTosbalok from Star Trek / Don Imus2 commentsposeur
The Ultimate Vampire377 viewsShe'll suck your blood, and all sense out of your brain.3 commentss.yphon
Eddie Van Helsing329 viewsThis is one corpse of a rockstar's reunion tour I won't be seeing.3 commentsposeur
NosferRudy Giuliani for POTUS303 viewsAKA Rudy Ghoulianiposeur
Bela Pelosi Democratula for POTUS339 viewsPart 2 in the Politician Vampires series. Just remember, if Dubya and Cheney both die, she's #3 in the Presidential line of succession.1 commentsposeur
Khalid Sheikh O'Donnell319 viewsLollarious, and probably not too far from the truth.1 commentsposeur
Barack Trollbama336 viewsTaking campaign contributions from vampires, Chinese criminals, werewolves, and zombies.
Fuck you, Steinbrenner341 viewsI'm no sports fan, but I am definitely a fan of giving assholes the finger.

You can almost hear him saying "wha wha what's this?"
2 commentsposeur
Oscar de la PUTA423 viewsAy dios mio! The first person to call him a fag to his face wins the world middleweight championship.2 commentsposeur
Turnbuckle Tits574 viewsThis vampire poser actually masquerades as a wrestling Diva named "Ariel" or "Vampira" or "Halloween Barbie" or "Cle-Ho-Patra". I believe this gem is trying to market wrestling to the goth/wiccan sector of the Midwestern US economy. Don't believe me? Google it.

Yeah maybe it's a stretch to call a professional wrestler a "Celebrity" but that was the closest category that matched this one.
1 commentsposeur
Kate Beckinsale on Halloween459 viewsOk so maybe all her red garments don't exactly match one another, but do we really care?1 commentsposeur
Carrot Bottom or Carrot Top?684 viewsCartoon-like comedian Carrot Top trying his best to look hetero.2 commentsposeur
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