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Burly Men with Pink Wings1182 viewsWTF's going on in this picture? It must be an emasculation ceremony.5 commentsposeur
Don't not brush your teeth.1473 viewsIn fact, don't do anything in this picture.7 commentsFunker_joe
Ernst + Bern973 viewsFound this gem whilst browsing for pictures of rackmount servers of all fucking things. These guys are definitely German. Look team, I know running servers is k3wl n L33T n all that, but could you please not slack off in the hygeine department? Bern's fucking stache there looks like it could kill you in the blink of an eye all James Bond style.4 commentsposeur
Playing Goth...1180 views...In a neat clearly non-frightening setting is a big no. Not actually pulling off the murder/suicide is a bigger no.2 commentsFunker_joe
Don't "Lable" Me993 viewsI'll do it myself!5 commentsFunker_joe
What?1064 viewsI'll let you make your assumptions. Notice the "goth" clothes on the girl(?) on the left.4 commentsFunker_joe
Nosferadon't1102 viewsI wipe my ass with my left hand and pick my nose with my right. Satan made me do it.8 commentsposeur
Chuckies bride ate too many donuts!1147 viewsWas this fat piece of shit too lazy to go out and buy a black sharpie? Blue just isn't goth enough.16 comments
Don't: Photoshop/Paint Shop a fake tan on yourself1178 viewsFrom pasty white vampire to Bronx Latina using the wonders of technology4 comments
Castle Chinkenstein1188 viewsI'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I couldn't resist. This is a Don't. WTF planet is this?7 commentsposeur
Octa-thong-arian721 viewsDo us a favor, please. When you turn 80 and your ass is smaller than your hips, please retire the thong.3 commentsposeur
What not to wear to the beach692 viewsI'm looking forward to the day when I don't care what I look like in public. I'll make sure to be a beach bum in Miami when the time comes.2 commentsposeur
The Sicilian Parka574 viewsHow could this guy wipe his own ass without setting his dreadlocks on fire?poseur
Your hairstyle is shite297 viewsThis is cute while you're cooking up some mac & cheese, but I dare you to leave the frat house looking like this. Worst part? People are most likely laughing behind your back and not to your face.poseur
Yiffer Rave476 views$4 of fake fur from the craft store placed on top of your unwashed Cross Your Heart bra isn't going to win you first prize in the costume party at the Yiffer rave.poseur
ASS FUDGE330 views"Move a little to your left. Right there, perfect."poseur
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