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Roadrash Juggalette1237 viewsI am down with the skidztid twiztid shiznit.8 commentsposeur
Child's Play1129 views'Nuff said.6 commentsFunker_joe
1027 views8 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
emo got PLURred1350 viewslive anime for the taste-impaired, dj hunter (NO "MEMBERS" PLZ!!!) *click on pic to understand what was meant in the brackets*4 commentsengelbert
Thank god for bangs!!1133 viewsDown's syndrome Glooms bright idea of covering up with bangs4 comments1338
Would you like to heard my bad poetry and slit your wrists with me?914 views4 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
wtf1011 viewsone of these idiots is totally gay for the other. one of these idiots will probably end up being pigeon-holed into a career of hosting a plethora of crappy children shows where he's the only real character. one of these idiots will be coming to a crackhouse near you. 8 commentsengelbert
yahoo though girl1046 viewsthe one that i adore 8->1338
Makeup Drool1014 viewsSmearing your lunch all over your chin doesn't pass off as blood.3 commentsposeur
Would you like to have a good time?1292 viewsI was chatting in graveyard one, and I saw this guy enter the room, I imed him and asked to see his cam because his sn said crossdresser in the room. This guy has a gf too......I'm just wondering how he managed that...5 commentswatchthefuzzybunnies
bad priorities920 viewsMore: Laundry.
Less: Eyeliner wizardry.
3 commentsposeur
nerd goths992 viewsmeet Meat-grinder and Puckey-lips3 commentsengelbert
...856 viewsummm....I dont think there are any words.8 commentsdapperrivet
Disco Vamp773 viewsVinny Vladdaduci here loves to rock the fly green rayon and white makeup on Saturday nights.4 commentsposeur
Memo for teenagers1266 viewsYou are not a geisha, get a life8 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Guys stop trying to look pretty it's not working especially when you are ugly as sin to begin with.1494 viewsNope it's not working. 13 commentsJenL
The far east Marilyn Manson.1246 viewsThe far east Marilyn Manson5 commentsJenL
seizure965 viewsDont worry folks these seizures dont last too long.4 commentstechno_slut
Vargoth The Cupcake Slayer1093 viewsApparently, "Vargoth" here is a male.7 commentsFunker_joe
Two toned "goth"?977 viewsI don't know whats worst...the white face with the dark neck , the crooked eyebrows, the over the lips liptick, or the craters/blemishes on her face.5 commentsmidwinter
Mushroom-Stomped962 viewsThis girl looks like she was mushroom-stomped by a little leprechaun.. then he jizzed off in her hair. We should start a support group for this. :(2 commentsG.I. Zombie
Colored Contacts990 viewsBoy, no matter how many times I see people wearing two different colored contacts, it seems to get more original.5 commentsFunker_joe
Classic Example692 viewsThis picture is the very meaning of "makeup disaster".5 commentsFunker_joe
Eyeliner + Shaky Hand = Bad759 viewsSeriously, people should really quit drawing all over their faces with eyeliner... it never looked good and it never will.4 commentsFunker_joe
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