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the maybelline corporation makes so much money off of these idiots.864 views7 commentspwnxd
Willow Creep709 viewsPancake Mix.... check Axel grease.... check Handcuffs..... check Nike armband..... check7 commentspwnxd
this is scary653 viewsand you are scared.

5 commentsTalibanSam
She looks like she might cry...784 viewsProbably because her makeup is so shitty. Poor thing, I'd cry too.4 commentsXaha
nice buckteeth599 viewsas if the pseudo-crow makeup weren't enough, this guy has teeth so bulbous he could bite a block of cheese through a picket fence.

oh yeah, and he's from istanbul.
2 commentsTalibanSam
The Androgynous Pilsbury Vampire688 viewsWith strawberry glaze.8 comments
if Charles and Marilyn pro-created658 viewsheh i need help on this one, the title says it all i think.5 commentsengelbert
Gaysha566 viewsEyeliner can't make you azn.6 comments
OMG LETZ GO KLUBBING.583 viewsbaby seals. i need to build up my fat deposits for winter. 6 commentspwnxd
one brow617 viewsDude you aren't goth until you get a picture taken at bar sinister.3 commentszombie_cunt
Separated at birth?583 views10 commentsLove_Cartridge
the fairy whores of junktown679 viewsI see someone fed the stupid goth fairy bitches. I hope they like piss.3 commentswiggz
631 viewsonly severe earthquakes are even close to an excuse for this sort of eyebrow-butchery. 8 commentspwnxd
.....500 views...There's really nothing to say here.2 commentsXaha
659 viewspale underaged boobage - check.
HIM necklace - check.
shitty homemade dreadfalls - check.
equally shitty eyeliner handiwork - check.
1 commentspwnxd
marilyn "myspace" manson655 viewsor perhaps the young offspring of boy george?4 commentsfred_sanford
Princess Greaseball631 viewsHer parents can afford to put all that crap on her face but can't afford a cover for what appears to be a light switch or proper wall construction...more shampoo and conditioner is in order here... 5 commentsCuntyClause
Too Many Problems681 viewsI can't believe she felt the need to write it out. Anyone can tell she has problems by looking at the way she dresses.2 comments
Sonic The Hedgegoth634 viewsSeriously, he looks like a hedgehog4 comments
hula dancing mulleteer.624 viewshe's from greece. the scars on his chest spell "BITCH" ...which is pretty accurate, i suppose.3 commentspwnxd
Eastern State Penitentiary580 viewsHere's a picture of my buddy Johnny C, sporting his best ghoul pose inside Eastern State Penitentiary here in Philadelphia. Every Halloween, the city opens the abandoned prison as a Halloween attraction to scare all the white folk out of North Philly.1 commentsposeur
needed: one good plastic surgeon611 viewsi was going to hold onto my free rhinoplasty coupon for a while, but after seeing this poor lady, i decided she could probably use more than me. 3 commentsTalibanSam
styrofoam headstone reading, "BATLORD CARCAS" - check. greasy "deathlock" haircut - check. purposely smudged makeup - check.600 viewsthis guy lives here in fresno, can't you tell? i see him at shows all the time, and he always looks this greasy/smelly. i've even seen him put his "deathlock" in a ponytail that hangs... yep, you guessed it - right in the fucking middle of his face. 2 commentspwnxd
Separated at birth?595 viewsMiss Tel Aviv 2006 and the Spitting Image Margaret Thatcher?1 commentsLove_Cartridge
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