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nice denim shorts.651 views3 commentspwnxd
LIKE OMG I'M SO HXC!!!!!!715 viewsfound this chick on myspace long ago an added her to my friends she totally thinks i dig her ;) LOL4 commentsr3mix3d
My SOUL is BLACK like my LIP LINERRRRR. D:506 viewsIt doesn't GET any more gothlix than this.
I mean, SHIT. Double chins and EMILY THE STRANGE are the ESSENCE of SPPOKY.
the lipgloss slaughter.506 viewsI really dont get it? Is this girl trying to look like shes bloody and beaten or attacked by grandma and her tacky lipstick...

look mommy, I did my makeup in the dark!551 viewsthis kid can't be serious?
I really hope he doesn't go out like this!
1 commentsconfederate_fag
The Goth Michelin Man621 views"Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep them doughnuts rollin'... Damn that face is swollen, RAWHIDE!!!"
I find it most disturbing that if this shebeast smiles, her cheeks cover up her eyes and she is blind. I also wonder who talked her into the "You should frame your face, to highlight your lovely features." haircut.
This broad should be wearing a hood at all times.
4 commentsAstral_Frost
571 views4 comments
Danish Twig Chewers700 viewsThis rare species of goths have teeth that match the twigs so as to conceal themselves in the wild...
rivethead/cybergoth gone way way way wrong.514 viewsguess what kids? he's a nazi too!
that's so 1nDus+r1@L
2 commentslelly
just plain gross639 viewsproof why people with bad dental hygiene shouldn't wear makeup pigmented lighter than their tooth enamel.

straight from this dude's profile: I am 18 years old and I am a Bi-Sexual. I am TOATTALLY obsessed with Marilyn Manson and I wish to get surgery done so i can look exactly like Manson. He is so Hott LOL!
4 commentsTalibanSam
extreme badass492 viewswatchout! he's hungry for cock and on the prowl4 commentsTalibanSam
another case of azn bird flu?552 viewspossibly the pastiest azn i've ever seen. i think her left forearm is about as big around as my middle finger. nice uneven lip piercings, too.1 commentsTalibanSam
Separated at Birth?451 viewsClip art fag and Brandon Lee Fatback?2 commentsLove_Cartridge
This is not me491 viewsBut it looks incredibly like me in corpse paint. Heh.2 commentsposeur
Don't Go Changin'516 views"To try to please me. Just wear thick, thick eyeshadow, fake eyebrows, lush lipstick, and ....

Here. Hold this in your teeth."
3 commentsposeur
Yet Another VP Seperated at Birth!505 viewsI Like Turtles zombie kid and the zombie who isn't Poseur.Funker_joe
carnival face painting gone awry452 viewshe wanted juggalo paint but got this job instead. which is worse?TalibanSam
Windshield Lips592 viewsItalians are not part African.2 commentsposeur
if you can't beat 'em...489 viewsdraw your eyebrows on backwards! yeaaaah!1 commentsTalibanSam
Ronald McDonald's goth lovechild487 viewsthe guy on the left either did his makeup in the dark or dipped his fucking head in some cleaning chemicalswiggz
Spray-on tan toilet brush428 viewsCorsica's finest flexin' on the streets of Atlantic City.poseur
I slept through the whole prom468 views... even the part where I got wasted drunk and let my friends draw all over my face.poseur
Pirate Princess Pickle Bunny460 viewsThe ancient Greeks and their fraternity caste gave us two things:

1) Gay pride
2) Drawing on the first man to pass out drunk.

Well I guess that's really just one thing.
taste the rainbow429 viewsPOTD on holytaco. couldn't resist.TalibanSam
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