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Mangina Told Me To Kill559 viewsthe "retarded genius" known as "Luther" in the obscure classic b-horror movie "Backwoods", getting ready to have fun with his next victim, doing "Mangina's" bidding using Luther's transvestite mother's death as a vehicle to drive him to kill.3 commentsengelbert
E-volution743 viewsbelieve it or not, this girl is actually 39 years of age, and i don't think she was lying about her age either, because she also has really old pics of when she was a deathrocker/batcaver. 3 commentsengelbert
Rabbi Boris Tepes524 viewsThe vampyre gathering was going well until Boris showed up.2 commentsshiteater
Vampire Chat576 viewsMy computer is my best friend. I will live forever.7 commentsposeur
Goth beverage holder933 viewsI love my bloody mary warmed up by some warm chunks of dangling goth flesh.4 commentsposeur
Priscilla audition rejects697 viewsi don't care what anyone says, pink was never, at any point, the new black :|5 commentsengelbert
hey beautiful657 viewsi don't even know what the hell this is6 commentsengelbert
Batkid trapped in a Batman's body579 views"So Batkid, tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Well, I'm 41, divorced and I run around the suburbs fighting crime in this rubber suit."
5 commentsposeur
Batmandingo535 viewsThough these two are obviously grown men, the compulsion to collect comics and stuff their jockstraps with artificial cock padding will never go away.3 commentsposeur
Animeorexia766 viewsThis fey, daring pink-and-red meshing costume tard tried to make a run for it after I photographed him gagging himself in the public restroom at the Hyatt.7 commentsposeur
side-effects of viagra804 viewseither that or some people just get carried away with over-compensating for small/aged members. 8 commentsengelbert
Uncle Barney goes Cosplay523 views"Dammit, Britney. I'm trying to bridge the gap between our generations, here. Give your frickin' Uncle Barney a hug."4 commentsposeur
Yugioh Cards vs Bloody plastic dagger514 viewsHere we have a pair of pantheon crossers, attempting to mix Yugioh with some lame Halloween hijinks. Later, these two will LARP with the Easter Bunny and a Jesus lookalike.2 commentsposeur
Rivet Football653 viewsThis linebacker gave my backside a pat, and when I turned to look who had done it, he looked at me with those eyes and the words, "I'll assrape you" echoed in my mind.6 commentsposeur
Caucasian Pygmy + Anorexic Girl823 viewsMake a face like you're taking a shit. That's Rivet.7 commentsposeur
Tombstone Urination1102 viewsDespite popular Goth belief, urinating on a grave doesn't raise the dead.3 commentsposeur
erm am i hot or not ?597 viewserm oooh :O he didnt shave his legs3 commentselect4ica
ghoul guitarist468 viewsI think this was the vibe Johnny Cash was shooting for.3 commentsposeur
PMS Brides554 viewsAren't they all menstrual?1 commentsposeur
Pocky471 viewsFor some reason, foreign products and their advertising schemes make me laugh. Would you eat somethingn called Pocky?3 commentsposeur
Robin466 viewsI don't think anyone has been paying much attention to Robin or his costume makeover. It's universally understood that Robin is the "bottom" in that superhero duo relationship, so who would notice your "R" makeover, buddy?2 commentsposeur
Emaciated Robin on the prowl614 viewsWhoa whoa there, Paul. We all know that Cosplay shows are fun and exciting, but it doesn't give you the right to go popping boners and feeling up any scantily clad female within reach.7 commentsposeur
Pokemom and Dad569 viewsMom and Dad come to school to pick up their kids while dressed up in cosplay to win the affections of the young crowd, and in the process they end up causing lifelong emotional trauma to their poor kids.5 commentsposeur
Vamp grill with bling500 viewsThis vampire is obviously rolling fat. Times must be good over in Vampire Compton.7 commentsposeur
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