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AZN Fonzarelli524 viewsIf you want to dress like this, Fonzie, you need to keep a hot ass babe within arm's reach or else forever suffer the designation of "leather fag."5 commentsposeur
Merry Chrizzles425 viewsMy boy Tyrone the Angry Black Dwarf always comes around with da Ripple and da crunk.5 commentsposeur
Crossdressing for a larpers convention?452 viewsi wonder if dressing like this makes the girlies want to scream "Roll a seven for saix"2 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Fashion this bad deserves the electric chair469 views1 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Thought in action458 viewsNow all you need to do is figure out how to hook up a Krispy Kreme doughnut conveyor into that gasmask and you'd never have to leave the house.2 commentsposeur
catwoman vs arm surplus store reject521 views1 commentsJenL
Ladies and gentlemen the new red carpet pose551 viewsLadies and gentlemen the new red carpet pose3 commentsJenL
Is dressing up as The Crow and masturbating considered cosplay?440 viewseven after 13 years teenage girls will still fuck a guy dressed as The Crow.4 commentsDisappear
In todays news..... Gwar band member is charged with sexual battery.527 viewsIn todays news...... Gwar band member is charged with sexual battery.1 commentsJenL
Latest image from a Final Fantasy convention.615 viewsLatest image from a Final Fantasy convention.3 commentsJenL
Chat room rejects762 viewsChat room rejects5 commentsJenL
Spongeblob Blackpants530 viewsThis picture is proof that the Spongebob trend is dead.7 commentsposeur
Flaming AZN500 viewsUnwritten rule #903 of Cosplay: If you're going to bend genders with your costume, be sure to powder that side bulge so as to not offend anyone.3 commentsposeur
I almost popped my cherry513 viewsIf it weren't for Sci-Fi/Cosplay cons, some people wouldn't even get this close to a member of the opposite sex.1 commentstechno_slut
oh yeah ladieeeeeees.....490 i cooooome 6 commentsengelbert
Lestat Arafat371 viewsOk, which one of you LARP pros is Lestat and which one of you is Yasser?1 commentsposeur
fat suit526 viewsHave you ever walked in on your friends and caught them in the act of something so revolting and despicable? What exactly is going on in this image anyway? My guess is that Germans and alcohol are involved.3 commentsposeur
The Edge of out right stupidity430 viewswell at least he can buzz this off or let it grow in, at least it's not something more permanent like a tattoo or a branding :-S4 commentsengelbert
Furkin Idiotic769 viewsthis has a touch of everything wrong, alluding to toilet tricks and yiffing, poorly done make-up/idiotic looking costume, i could post more shimmering examples of this sort of thing, but, that be well and beyond PG-13 :|5 commentsengelbert
testeing the waters?688 viewsdevelop more taste, i know many faggots would smack you silly for giving them a bad name... or... wait, this is just some rejected genre-schizophrenic cosplay dork... 6 commentsengelbert
The Captain Strikes --OUT--461 viewsQuick, another round of rum shots for Captain Morbid and his sidekick Squire X, here. I'm not drunk enough to take Mr. Baggy Pleather Bondage Man and his scenester sidekick seriously.7 commentsposeur
Cross eyed crosses662 viewsStop looking at my tits, stop looking at my crossed eyes.7 commentsposeur
...513 viewsGirls hate it when guys look better in girl clothes than girls do. I must be missing that humility gene.5 commentsposeur
What is going on?585 viewsSeriously, I don't know what the girl or guy's time period of clothing this is supposed to look like, or even what's supposed to be going on in this picture.4 commentsFunker_joe
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