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Waste Management518 viewsNo offense intended to trash dumpster lovers, but what the fuck are Heckyll and Jekyll here supposed to be?3 commentsposeur
The Flash?422 viewsCould you have possibly picked a lamer DC Comics superhero to impersonate at Comicon? Aquaman? Oh, what was I thinking? It's not like there aren't 100 images of Robin the Boi Wunder in this gallery. But I love the psychology behind the decisions these clowns make when picking their uniforms. Look at the body language on this specimen. Mr. Flash here looks depressed. Even the kid in front of him (is that Boba Fett?) doesn't want to have shit to do with him.5 commentsposeur
N3PO423 viewsMess with the cherubic Greek goth rivet snow camo Arab, and you'll get the HORNS. At least this guy isn't German. Should we thank Monsignor Daterape there on the right for that little blessing?5 commentsposeur
Mergimp481 views5 comments
uhhhhh.511 viewsi don't even really know what to say about this one. 5 commentspwnxd
TRON Potter360 views"I wish I was Harry Potter and I could go out with TRON Guy to a Halloween Party."1 commentsposeur
Nosferatwink577 viewsI didn't know Nosferatu adopted such a fey strut. Was walking like a gay scary back in the day?5 commentsposeur
Thai Corpse Wedding Party391 viewsSharkey found this photogallery of an Thai wedding party with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed up as corpses. Out of all those photos, this one seems to best represent the experience. Notice how horrified the extended family members seem to be. Shameful!1 commentsposeur
Thai Wedding Party, #2390 viewsThe lovely best man and chief bridesmaid thingy. I love the his & her wedding casket action.2 commentsposeur
pLuRRRRRR!!1`!~`11``11392 viewsOmGz gUrL I LuV Ur KaNdI GiRl LoL PlUrR 4 EvArRrR FaRiEEEezzzz!!! (haha. it hurts my brain when i attempt to type that way.)1 commentspwnxd
Aerith Gainsalotofweight494 viewsFor all you culturally challenged cavedwellers this beached whale over here is trying to cosplay Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII.

6 commentspwnxd
Rabbi Merman371 viewsThe Coney Island Mermaid Parade brings out the freaks in droves. Here we have a Jewish Merman bodybuilder we call Moishe. He will defend your homeland and lox.4 commentsposeur
Diego Dungeon Master406 views"Digame, esse. Choo better do as I say or choo will get chained up like my homies here."2 commentsposeur
Slurpeed350 viewsStep off homey or I'll bust a cap in yo straw.2 comments
Green Ghoulella & Pumpkin Punkass336 viewsI work with these two citizens. She likes to beat him up.5 commentsposeur
Spot the Poseur, #2347 viewsThis cowboy comes into the bar all the time. I will get a real photo with him someday. Is that a bud he has in his hand?5 commentsposeur
Hello Darthy373 views"This costume fulfills ALL of my convention needs."6 commentsposeur
Simon Belmont's living room.329 viewsThis guy lives in:

a) Fresno, CA
b) Dayton, OH
c) Düsseldorf, Germany

Germanic Batman369 viewsThis guy is ready to rock out with his cock out. Live from Gablenz.2 comments
hello petophile334 viewsnow this just makes me want to go all "diddums"

this is actually a friend on myspace, good sense of humour he has... supposedly his mom made this costume for him... he didn't go into detail about what the event was though... i kind of don't want to know
2 commentsengelbert
The Human Torch320 viewsThis guy lit himself on fire to get some local media attention to his protest against the government. We here at would like to give this guy a free place to spread his message to all Sikhs that you shouldn't smoke at the gas station you work at.3 comments
if Kramer had a sister...334 views...this is what their offspring would look like... they epitomise the term "troglodyte" wouldn't you agree? or maybe this is the hot new look on the catwalks in Milan??? :-S4 commentsengelbert
The French347 viewsHere we have Stefan and his Lebanese fuckslave Mukhtar just finished eating stale baguettes and brie with their newly sharpened vampire teeth.5 comments
Jihad 4 Allah!387 viewsthis is what you find at 7:30 am in metal:1 chat.3 commentsTalibanSam
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