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Sparkle The Gimp376 viewsWe oppose the War on Sparkly Gimpsuits2 comments
i come in peace w3rd355 viewsI found this while flipping through a local musics hot pix. i obviously gave it a 103 commentsMean_Ugly_Rivetgurl
Rizzle McDizzle445 viewsI love this 80's Pontiac Grand Prix all tricked out with the latest McDizzleland Racing Team speedkit action. *drives away in my tofumobile*5 commentsposeur
Separated at birth?432 viewsItalian pants man / satyr @ Ren Faire2 commentsposeur
Goth Rock Band #12308097459 viewsLooks like Dimmu Borgir went Cabaret. Nice bulge and boots on the bald guy.3 commentsposeur
a match made in heaven441 viewsnapoleon bonaparte and a lanky goth choose-a-gender, why wouldn't they be attracted to one another?.....1 commentsTalibanSam
Japanese Locust Clips547 viewsAsian people have some of the most bizarre cultural practices. Playing with your food, for example, is one I cannot condone.4 commentsposeur
Parasol Fatties Inspiration449 viewsWho wouldn't envy this mans fashion sense?
Ninja Laptop Nerdery369 viewsThis picture just fucking cracks me up. Where else are you going to find nerds with DJ equipment standing next to a guy in a 10-gallon cowboy hat standing in front of someone holding a baby? Nowhere but commentsposeur
Love at First Sight387 viewsThese two are taking their first fateful glance into each others eyes. Can you feel the love? This brings an important question to mind, who's pitching, and who's catching?2 comments
Nosebleed or Scary Costume?358 viewsAnother pic of my buddy Johnny C from Eastern State Penn's "Terror Behind The Walls" in Philly.poseur
Cheesesteak Yarmulke377 viewsDis iz how we roll (torpedo) in Philly.1 commentsposeur
Baby eater404 viewsJohnny C sports his best babyeating makeup for Terror Behind The Walls.1 commentsposeur
Johnny C & The Crew396 viewsMore pics of Johnny C and his ghangsta ghoul theater troupe.1 commentsposeur
Cockstume Tards482 viewsYou're going to be a smash hit at that gay costume party ... or amongst women who's husbands/boyfriends are scared of sex toys.3 commentsposeur
Terror Behind the Dreadlocks398 viewsJohnny C and one of his Rastafarian colleagues at Terror Behind The Walls. This gives new definition to the term "BLOODCLOT!"2 commentsposeur
Posers Behind The Walls368 viewsMore of Johnny C's buddies from Terror Behind The Walls from Halloween night. Flashing gang signs + metal horns = A+++ posing.poseur
coolest halloween costume ever492 viewsi have no idea what the fuck it's supposed to be, though.1 commentsTalibanSam
Star Wars Nerds + Baseball Nerds = NO453 viewsBut I'm sure I'd rather get hit with a fast pitch from a wookie than a flying puked up hairball or a blaster to the head.2 commentsposeur
Get your dick out of my nachos!446 viewsI'm a kosher vampire, dammit.1 commentsposeur
Yiffy the tiger boi469 viewsThose chains have GOT to be cold on his nipples2 comments
this santa looks throughly disgusted, and he has every right to be.466 views2 commentspwnxd
Scared of Santa379 viewsThere's something about Santa scaring the shit out of kids that warms my heart and gives me Yuletide cheer. This kid is wailing so hard you can see his tonsils.1 commentsposeur
Oompa Loompa364 viewsYou can't show up to the party alone dressed like this.poseur
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