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pahahaha.418 viewsshe/he's EXTREEEEEEME TO TEH MAXXORZ!
christ, that's a shitton of accessories.
5 commentspwnxd
Oh Noes395 viewsNothing like toy hockey-masks.1 commentsFunker_joe
I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!600 viewsI didn't know where to put this but this Beavis look-alike was too funny to pass up so I added him to "Costume Tards"5 comments
"French Tourists" or "Homeland Security Lost Our Luggage"455 viewsThis is what happens when you try to smuggle Foie Gras and Brie into the United States. This is also what happens when you happen to be French.1 commentsposeur
"Not for kids" or "Scarred for Life"448 viewsThis is from some nude biking rally in San Francisco. Can you say "childhood trauma?" The kid's expression is priceless.3 commentsposeur
Cockblock Teen Grundle Force462 views"My brother Samuel will do anything to keep the men away from me."poseur
My job is sucking me dry418 viewsI only added this picture because it was entitled "mark_vampire" and features some smacked ass sitting at a computer in his cubicle. Sadly, it made me think of myself.poseur
Getting the chupacabra costume off the ground570 viewsDoes the "no pants" part of this Mexican welder's costume help to reduce windshear?2 commentsposeur
Boys on Bikes464 viewsProudly flying the flag from the continent of Pangayea.poseur
Dick wearing a dick costume.557 viewsThis guy obviously got his Dickterate Degree in Dicknology. 2 comments
Mimi688 viewsIt's Mimi from the Drew Carey show attempting PokeMon cosplay.2 comments
More costume tardery439 viewsThrough the wonders of the internet any fatso like this girl from the far reaches of Canton, Ohio can log on to eBay and purchase 10 and a half yards of fleshtone cellulite colored fabric for her cosplay project delivered to her just in time for Otakon.

Fredericks of Macedonia531 viewsIf this guy didn't look obviously Irish, I would say he's definitely trying to impersonate one of those hairy Aegean Sea fellows (or felines). Is this Phase 1 of getting a tan in the eastern Mediterranean?1 commentsposeur
Nigerian Motorcycle Helmet420 viewsWhen you get sick of forgetting to wear your hat to work everyday, just grow your Afro into the shape of a hat and never be without shelter again!2 commentsposeur
Supa Bad364 viewsA little bit super hero, a little bit James Brown, with assy wannabe Clark Kent hair, fucked up super gapped teeth, and a 4-out-of-10 physique. Thanks for setting back African-American cultural comic book icons another 50 years!2 commentsposeur
Separated at birth?342 viewsGeneral Bruce Wright and America Man, in their respective play costumes. One pretends to not be a yes-man to a chimp and the other pretends to be a patriot. They are both made of ham.Love_Cartridge
Either Washington DC or Germany400 views"Is that a singer in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"3 commentsposeur
Fang Signs369 viewsHand signals from deep within fang land. Please note the Buck Rogers studded hand accessories.1 commentsposeur
most beautiful wedding ever391 viewsi honestly was at a loss when it came to what category i should put this in. ultimately i decided 'costume tards' when i realized it was the mother of the bride dressed as a nun.

yes, this is a real wedding picture.
1 commentsTalibanSam
the only thing more disturbing than this grown man dressing like an infant to achieve sexual pleasure...393 viewsis the fact that a REAL INFANT IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. asdiojhsaidhsahdddd2 commentspwnxd
Uh, I thought this was the bus to Calgary...348 viewsAm I in Canada? I can't really tell...Love_Cartridge
Mikey Wild the Philly Gay Leprechaun354 viewsMikey Wild, Philly's original punk rocker, dons some liquid latex and does his best Irish Klansman impression.poseur
Latex Paladin396 viewsNice suit of armor buddy. Why not just cover yourself in heroin baggies and hang out with junkies?1 commentsposeur
Poor Kid408 viewsI feel bad for any kid whose parents work for the fucking circus.poseur
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