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shamanic ritual gone wrong477 viewsremember malachai from children of the corn? take him, add spandex, a cat skull, and a tiki torch staff and this is what you get. 2 commentsTalibanSam
Wonder Woman459 viewsAmazons are supposed to be tall, not fat. Just imagine her taking her kids trick or treating.1 commentsposeur
Texan Prom Date470 viewsThis is a clever Halloween gimmick costume for about 10 minutes, until you have to spend the rest of your drunken night with your pants around your ankles carrying around a stuffed animal tied to your waist. Or maybe homeboy's used to rocking out like that ...2 commentsposeur
dug up this old family gem423 viewsim in the centerTalibanSam
Darth Gaydar384 viewsNice work on breaking multiple don'ts in public. Only a homo can take an evil character and make it look gay.poseur
Sailor Moon? How about just "Sailor"420 viewsWhen you spend way too much time at the NOC and not enough time interacting with members of the opposite sex, your only shot at glory is going to a Cosplay convention. They have a convention for everything these days!2 commentsposeur
Edward Scissorhands & Green Giant471 viewsIf you take the time to dye your hair green, why not go the extra yard and paint your hands green?poseur
Crash Helmet Chan and Tim the Torso388 viewsTwo fine members of the Pacific Northwest's breakaway Olympic Team, staunchly guarding against jaded spoonfed "Free Tibet" protesters as the Olympic Torch passes by. poseur
Grow up, already416 viewsWearing the costume might get you into the convention, but it won't get you into any Asian girls' panties. poseur
Salute460 salutes you, Miss Struggling Identity Girl. You give the fat spandex wearing girls of the world hope.1 commentsposeur
internet furry406 viewsi put it under costume tards because.. you know this guy attends at least 5 lolicons every year.

notable mention: i found this on, a place for custom made myspace layouts, and this man appears to be at least 45. i don't get it.
1 commentsTalibanSam
Best Masquerate Ball Costume Ever547 viewsTaking the glamour out of child birthing since ... day 1. The blood and bald head are a great touch.poseur
Showing Up The Bride456 viewsLuann thought she would outshine the bride with this revealing diddy bought for the Mobile Rodeo.1 commentsposeur
Seacaucus Prom Night499 viewsSal the Mook and Toilet Brush here are sooo getting laid tonight ... they brought their own lube in the form of spray-on-tan.3 commentsposeur
Limptits Lockhart355 viewsMom, for Christ's sake, get back into your house mumu. My friends are coming over to play FF7.poseur
King Psychedelic Shotgun and his Queen Kaliedoscope307 viewsIt's not a "costume" moron, it's cosplay! You'd think you would know better when you see a black vampire Tony Manero ala Saturday Night Fever in the frame.poseur
D.C. District of Crossdressers333 viewsI'm just strutting my fierceness down Pennsylvania Avenue.poseur
Nice Try344 viewsEveryone knows that Jews don't celebrate Halloween.poseur
E(at) Honda299 viewsFatter Street Fighter. Where does the cosplay end and the fat ass begin?poseur
Octomom442 viewsThis made me laugh.poseur
Know when to quit295 viewsI've known a few people who let their dreadlocks complicate their life, but this is beyond all I can possibly imagine. It's like a dreadlock came to life and sprung its own feet.poseur
Tree hugga425 viewsDef Leppard meets Lil Kim on the streets of Philly. poseur
There's slut wear, then there's a real costume280 viewsChicks have such an easy time on Halloween. All they need to do is pull out something from their "weekend clubbing" wardrobe. Guys gotta get really creative to get noticed.poseur
Super Mario Bros Cosplay?418 viewsWhen photos of you dressed up as a naked turtle surface on the internet, you can kiss everything you hold dear goodbye.poseur
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