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WTF Batman is GAY544 viewsI guess a life of fighting crime doesn't make up for the fact that having your parents gunned down in front of you as a kid leads to pedophilia.2 commentsposeur
Never forget603 views.... Steve Irwin.4 commentsposeur
Burger Thing518 viewsmmmmm ... peppers, onions, black olives, and "nondescript white sauce" on 2 pieces of chicken-flavored flatbread. Between Kimchee and this Burger Thing, it's safe to say that Koreans will eat anything. 7 commentsposeur
Hair Pants571 viewsI think it's pretty safe to say this guy isn't nude with those hair pants he's wearing. This guy must be Italian.7 commentsposeur
Fatso Japanese Ganguro544 viewsAt first view you would think that these hearty japanese ganguro girls are going for their daily weight loss jog but what's really happening is that they are chasing after the ramen cart that's just about to leave.1 comments
NoseFeratu The Vampire Jew813 views... slain with a broomstake thru his nose.1 commentsposeur
Family Planning647 viewsPhotoshopped?2 commentsposeur
Greetings from Clip Art Hell498 viewsWhen you get redirected to some crap advertizing site you don't want to see, the least they can do is put some faggy clip art in there to amuse you.

"I was assaulted by a mime Mark Foley at Brigantine Mansion!!!"
1 commentsLove_Cartridge
Note to self651 viewsDon't smoke in bed; wear pyjamas to bed.1 commentsposeur
Rocky Bengali459 viewsForeigners come to our shores, not to see the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, or Mt. Rushmore, but only to pose with a statue of Philadelphia's only sports hero and bask in the imagined glory.poseur
Pyongyang tests "The Big One"457 viewsDuck and cover!1 commentsposeur
Kim Jong hIl-ton443 views... only in this man's kimchee-drenched dreams.poseur
Hawk Burgers1037 viewsThis is a TV dinner sold @ WalMart. There are so many things wrong and unappetizing about this dish, I don't know where to begin my commentary. Suffice it to say, just remember to cook your Night Hawk TV dinners thoroughly.3 commentsposeur
Eco-friendly Harley484 viewsOfficial ride of Vampires
Wooden motorcylce448 viewsAmerican "Wood" Chopper1 comments
Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you456 viewsAnd this doesn't count birdshot to the mug either...
My registration is around here somewhere.497 viewsWhenever I see a squalor pile like this I can't help but wonder how much the owner weighs because this kind of mess can only attributed to the fact that bending over to pick up garbage when you have a 52" waist is functionally impossible.1 comments
"It's de network mon"524 viewsI be havin de best cellular network in all of Lagos. I gots more bling in one ear den you have in your whole body, mon.2 commentsposeur
Crossing Swords458 viewsI told you to put 2 urinals in there! I don't care what the square footage is!2 commentsposeur
Nipstache414 viewsA new trend emerges.
I need you to put more than a bag over your head644 viewsInsert your entire upper torso into this exercise ball. Bend your knees just a little bit. Now stand next to these balloons. Perfect!poseur
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