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I hate dogs402 viewsWouldn't life be grand to always fear coming home to this fucking mess? The only thing missing from this pic is a pile of cotton stuffing puke.

"Don't think that you're so cute and loveable that I won't punt your ass thru the wall, Fido."
2 commentsposeur
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing"431 viewsKeeping in line with's anti-dog propaganda campaign here's a picture of an obese dog. These animals have absolutely no concept of self-control and will eat just about anything you give it. This is what happens when humans try to domesticate a natural scavenger because they think it's 'cute' or something.6 comments
Yeah, dogs are soooo clean!416 viewsSome say that a dog's mouth is actually cleaner than a human's mouth with regards to bacteria levels. Does that account for the frequency with which dogs tonguehandle their own genitalia? The whole "Man's Best Friend" label is coming into focus here. Even self-sucking is apparently not a unique human idea.2 commentsposeur
Captain Americat415 viewsNever forget 9-11 or all the brave men & women who have died for our freedoms by painting your cat with this new Stars & Stripes Cat Coloring Paint Set from QVC. Call me a communist, but if this is how people exercise their freedom, I don't want it!1 commentsposeur
Flea bath for Gizmo403 views"Listen, you little fuckin gremlin, I know you're a cute little mogwai and all, and we can't get you wet and all that, but you're making granny's cankles break out in hives from all the flea bites. TO THE SHOWERS!"2 commentsposeur
ICPee, and it's not in the litter pan384 viewsCats aren't fans of ICP, or music at all for that matter. This cat's owner needs to be locked away.1 commentsposeur
Set them free394 views"Jimmy Earl, if you love something, you gotta set them free. All 43 of 'em. Yes sir'ee Bob. Time to give up the cat farm."

... because you KNOW this guy is some guy from Alabama and he has 42 more cats painted just like that ... to match his jacket of course. I've never seen a more obvious cry for help on either face here.
2 commentsposeur
Retarded Dog394 viewsThere should be a special olympics for dogs like this.Funker_joe
Dog = 0, Porcupine = 1409 viewsAnother proof that dogs are dumb.4 comments
You need a cattleprod415 viewsThanks to the wonders of GM animal foods, you can count on oversized shitfactories like this to keep popping up. Where's that Chinese grain in the animal food when you need it?poseur
Leonardog416 viewsYou know that humans own a species when we can just dress their members up any way we want to.
Smelling death in the ass390 viewsThe dog's expression is priceless. Here, boy! Pick up the trail starting with the shit trail in these draws!1 commentsposeur
Gandalf the Bumblebee366 viewsSure, the dog is tortured. But just imagine the tortured existence of its owner.poseur
Spider pug333 viewsStep on itposeur
pedogphilia357 viewsSome guy convinced his wife that this was cute. 1 commentsposeur
McDognalds354 viewsWhat you call American culture, I call the Midwest.poseur
paedogphilia part 2337 viewsProbably the same guy with the same sick idea.poseur
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