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not a huge step498 viewscircus midget by day, ren faire idiot by night 2 commentsengelbert
Son, it was that dirty tree that named you Sue.844 views1 commentsXanax
Vampire Slayer at the Ren Faire616 viewsRoderick was always out showing off his latrine boots at the local ren faire in hopes to lure an unsuspecting Level 13 Cleric wench to fall for his impeccable style.

Ren Faire Rave Fairy586 viewsListen up Francesca, you gotta pick either Rave Fairy Tard or Ren Faire Idiot for you costume.1 commentsposeur
Mom the melon wench659 viewsI can't believe my mom posed for this picture and uploaded it to the internet! I'm going to get beat up endlessly for this.1 commentsposeur
Ren Faire Mutant582 viewsYou know what pisses me off the most? Fat fucks who go to the ren faire for the opportunity to show off their pasty blubber for the rest of the world to see. This orca is probably German.

Gandalf the Ghey533 viewsThis Level 40 Mage would like you to massage his bunyons and he will tell you how to find the dragon's claw4 comments
Meet Chad1184 viewsWhen he's not working as a mall rent-a-cop, Chat spends his time amongst an elite group of LARPers at the local Ren Faire.

Nipple Pincher513 viewsI missed this show @ ye olde Ren Fairy.2 commentsposeur
Ye Olde Hell's Angel492 views*not shown, his trusty hog... er i mean steed... love the renaisshades2 commentsengelbert
Secret Life399 viewsMechanic, Investment Banker1 commentsposeur
Lifetime facial hair377 viewsGuys like this don't grow their facial hair just for the Faire, they are lifers.poseur
Half baked and out of costume again522 viewsWhat Faire would be complete without a half-baked hippie pot dealer showing up out of costume and trying to feel up his girlfriend after she gets off her shift at the kissing booth?1 commentsposeur
Men in tights never win fights662 viewsLet's just stop for a moment to observe the swashbuckling dapperness of men in tights and pirate-cuff boots.1 commentsposeur
Knights of IPTables369 viewsHark, Squire Firewall. Less with the plate mail and more with the fixing of my laser printer. The shine in your armor only emphasizes the male pattern baldness.1 commentsposeur
Hacksaw Jim Duggan408 viewsIt's "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan enjoying the local festivities after eating 40 turkey legs.1 comments
i hope they let her use this as her class picture.608 viewsi like how she has her hand on the blade, ha.2 commentspwnxd
Azuka Flux645 viewsI like this picture even though her attire spans multiple centuries, continents, and AD&D expansion pack modules.3 commentsposeur
Finally an explanation487 viewsit has been baffling but this picture finally has put my mind at ease.3 commentsdemimonde
Vinny Van Gogh-tee447 viewsTrichotillomanicuring - The obsessive compulsive habit of molding one's body hair into famous works of art.1 commentsposeur
Krispy Kreme Centaur438 viewsYe olde Krispy Kreme King of the Ren Faire Wrasslers is busy courting the fair maidens with his double wide body.poseur
Happiest Couple398 viewsYou made toothy the happiest groom ever.poseur
Even Dr. Who fans have fantasies363 viewsChicks dressed up as The Daleks were second only to fantasizing about Tom Baker in nothing but a long scarf with a handful of jelly babies.poseur
Right here is cool, dude354 viewsHappy St. Patty's Day, you amateur fuck. Way to reprazent your heritage by sleeping on the street in your own poss.poseur
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