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frog focus632 viewsalright, the focus here isn't on the girl in the picture, hey, we all have our own crosses to bear. some have shittier things to contend with in life than others. the focus here is on the jerk waving the frog in her face... and i'm not going to elaborate on what i think is going through his head as he's stuffing kermit into her mug.10 commentsengelbert
Turkish Daycare506 viewsIn Turkey, they still use alcohol to calm kids down.3 commentsposeur
DeathrockterEvil901 viewsYou'll dance to anything by The Smiths.7 commentsposeur
Gawthy Gramma Cheek Sucker - I'm going to drain all your Gawth powers661 views"i need to prove how dark I am! See how dark I am! I am so dark and there's no other dark before me."7 commentsDimitrios
The Smith's meet Mad Max beyond Thunderdome618 viewsThe Smith's meet Mad Max beyond Thunderdome8 commentsJenL
Greasy Nails Vamp461 viewsNever should a guy's nails get this long. Or should a anyone ever wear those finger gauntlet things.3 commentsFunker_joe
Biker Vamps402 viewsI honestly have no idea what's going on here.7 commentsFunker_joe
wow.541 viewsher head is huge, and her boots make me uncomfortable. 7 commentspwnxd
hair explosionnnnn597 viewsonce again, i am left with nothing witty to say. 9 commentspwnxd
cybergoth? bwuhhh? 530 viewsi think her contacts/lazy eye is a nice touch. 9 commentspwnxd
Collector of ... stuff497 viewsI know grown men that collect comic books and Star Wars action figures. The difference between them and this guy is that I suspect the comic book collectors of the world aren't fantasizing about having sex with the X-men. .... or maybe they are. But at least it's not as in your face. Grown men into Evanescence, you gotta wonder.11 commentsposeur
Conspiracy Warrior442 viewsThis guy looks like he's ready to do battle with all forces of evil, including the US Government's Mind Control Unit, black dragons, urinating homeless people, and grilled chicken marsala.5 commentsposeur
Beach Viking462 viewsLady of the Lake here fancies herself a Viking from a past life. Drop the runic blade posery. The beach is for surfers.6 commentsposeur
i think her own caption said it best:465 views"Me as Dawn with my sword Killgorin."2 commentspwnxd
40-Something Chatter363 viewsSmoking meth can do wonders to your livelihood that you can end up like this guy living off government assistance and scouting for young female victims online.4 comments
David Lo Pan361 viewsDavid Lo Pan showing off his posing skills.3 comments
Kiss Me I'm Irish356 viewsi don't think even at last call after ingesting many green-dyed pints on st. patties day would make this guy one-night-stand worthy3 commentsengelbert
Malaysian Melon Rapist406 viewsKam Phong here is about to get busy.2 commentsIngrid.Cold
Norwegian made in drugstore445 viewsShe have a beautiful hair...or no?Ardat Lili
Reese's Poof583 viewsA+ on the concept, F- on not being a fat ass.4 commentsposeur
Krampus the Christmas Demon398 viewsApparently this is an Austrian tradition. Krampus is a "devil-like figure" who drives away evil spirits during the Christmas holiday season. I wonder if that includes the Sony Corporation, greedy kids, and their backstabbing, game-console PS3 coveting parents who would run you over to get the latest gagetry.

Don't get too close or Krampus will smack the gingerbread out of your hand with his long curved stick of death
Krampus + Krizzle407 views"Mommy, if that man is going to deliver me my Nintendo Wii, I DON'T WANT IT!"poseur
Fucking Kids542 views"I know 2 little fucking demonoids that won't be getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year. What's the point when you already destroyed my HDTV, you little shitsmearing diaperstainers?"7 commentsposeur
No Nakasha377 viewsWelcome to the land of the undead Mr James Brown.2 comments
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