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Peter Griffin in drag.528 viewsdouble chins, hair falls, narly teeth.. what more can a person ask for?2 commentsconfederate_fag
no words can describe my horror.426 viewsyep this is what happens when you cross aliens with peter murphy.

the outcome is teffifying!
2 commentsconfederate_fag
Think of the children441 viewsWhen you raise your kids on TV dinners, hip-hop, and professional wrestling, don't whine when they come out looking like this.5 commentsposeur
508 viewsThis is Cletus Dreckskerl and his uncle Jeb Tripper posing for the Aryan dating site.3 comments
Rethinking the whole "procreation" thing412 viewsMaybe it's acceptable to let your toddler babysit your infant in the Deep South, but not up here in civilization.3 commentsposeur
I said "clean the bathroom", not "have a photoshoot"470 viewsMock bathroom suicide photo #129827398. 2 commentsposeur
Casting call for Morris Day & The Time's backup band474 viewsHere's an example of extreme Don'tness that would make even the lonliest fat white bitch cringe. Don't mind the sprinkles of date rape dust in the bottom of your busted crystal wine glass.4 commentsposeur
Yesteryear's Rockstars370 viewsI don't see any difference between the rockstars of the 1970s and the pedophiles of today.2 commentsposeur
Ach du Lieber! That cadaver just grabbed my ass!!!344 views Love_Cartridge
The Wickedest Vampire of them All341 viewsHe sucks blood, he writes inspiring papers supporting torture and secret prisons. He eagerly stands for any position that opposes the aspirations of humanity. Lestat, bow to your master!!Love_Cartridge
Makeout with the LEGO man381 viewsOne part Boy or Girl, one part MySpace Cadet, one part WTF = Psi Vamp Headcase.

You think this is weird? Oh yeah, like you haven't pushed a LEGO piece into your nono hole with LEGO Simpson here.
Miguel the Klingon489 viewsNothing says "career minded" more than body modification that makes you look like an alien ... and I'm not talking about illegal alien here.3 commentsposeur
Not on the couch!397 viewsDon't fuck up my fake Italian leather couch please!poseur
worst mohawk ever426 viewsmeets best flat top ever.
they are eerily similar.

left: guile. right: death_happens666.
1 commentsTalibanSam
Merry Krampus399 viewsHonoring the German/Austrian of scaring the shit out of young kids in the name of hyping up St. Nick.1 commentsposeur
And the winner of 1995's Mall Mullet of the Year goes to ...417 viewsDate Rape Drake, who does a great impression of a weasel.poseur
Muscle Constipation400 viewsWhen you're as buff as Zagnut here, all you need to do is flex a bicep to push out a turd.1 commentsposeur
the clearasil caper439 viewshe sneaks into your bathroom, slowly pries open the medicine cabinet... and gently but surely squeezes the tube, leaving a thin ribbon of the acne treatment on his finger. he quickly smears it onto his face and checks the mirror to make sure it's evenly distributed, then he disappears back into the night.. leaving his sated victim uncapped and half gone on the sink ledge.

what, did you think it was going to be a vampire novel? the fangs and cat eye shoop is purely coincidental.
St. Patrick's Ghaye384 viewsPounding brewskis in the name of Druidic extermination since the age of the Roman Empire.poseur
Smiling for the wrong team450 viewsCheck out some of the reactions to this male stripper.poseur
milhouse van houten @ 30418 viewsafter a disappointing childhood and nervous breakdown, he turned to the darker side of crossdressing (also known as goth) and never looked back.TalibanSam
Preening in the face of apocalypse417 viewsThis woman wrecks her car, lives, and stops to comb her hair in the middle of the interstate. Where is Darwin when you need him?1 commentsposeur
The Fear of all White Men405 viewsThe serenity of their lily white ballet class was suddenly disrupted by a zombie from the Black Lagoon.poseur
Today's your lucky day445 viewsUsing the power of anal sex to lure men into wedlock since 1 A.D.

I'm not even going to entertain the thought that these women are dykes.
2 commentsposeur
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