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Rivet MySpacer525 viewsI feel, that everything here is self explanatory.4 commentsIngrid.Cold
Tammy Faye Bakker In The Flesh.538 viewsSome sort of nocturnal creature that only lurks in your trash or has some kind of curiosity to look into your exhaust pipes.11 commentsIngrid.Cold
MySpace Tattoo497 viewsSo you ended up drunk on Tom's bed after the last MySpace get together and found yourself with a MySpace tattoo.

OMGZ I'M SO HARDCORE THAT I HAV A REEL MONROE AND A FAKE 1 TOO LAWLZ LAWLZZZ605 viewshey skank-nasty. how about you spend less money on your fake pseudo-mullet hair extensions and tanning salon appointments and more money on eyebrow wax. 2 commentspwnxd
jeffrey starstein572 viewsjeffree star minus makeup equals one very unattractive jewish kid5 commentsTalibanSam
nice piercings, dumbass795 viewsthe only thing i have to say about this is that his nails are way too long and his nose looks like a butt7 commentsTalibanSam
2nd installment of 'pierce over your acne'602 viewsdo people actually find this attractive? ....why?5 commentsTalibanSam
Making the Band448 viewsour band is gonna fucking kick ass!! (also, they're at the JC Penny getting a makeover. That's hot.)2 commentsfred_sanford
Sissymaid497 views2 commentsConch
Borat's Cousin Muhktar508 viewsYou're creeping me out with your prisonlike molester-moustache stare, there Yanni.5 commentsposeur
Need a reason for mass murder?477 viewsJust remember most people on this fucking planet have a MySpace, and 2/3 of the population look/act like this.3 commentsFunker_joe
Emo Zombie592 viewsEmo flip w/skunk coloring: Check.
Zombie makeup Sarcoma sores: Check.
MySpace Angles: Check.
Full laundry hamper: Check.

To the showers with you, my little thespian.
1 commentsposeur
Doctor help! I can't hear my heartbeat!556 views3 commentsDisappear
Caught Red Palmed509 viewsIf you live in a house filled with young siblings, it's probably a good idea to lock your bedroom door lest they come in and take a picture of you in your post orgasmic porn-pistachio bliss.

Keyboard/mouse on bed: Check.
Towel/clothes on bed: Check.
Eating food in bed: Check.
Clueless look: Check.
Look how awesome the Jimmi is441 viewsBehold the glory of Jimmi and his glory. He is glorious.wiggz
Prom, Hot Topic Style613 viewsYes, her caption indicated this is how she went to prom. One more year of retaining her virginity goes by...5 commentss.yphon
eyesore462 viewsPoll: Which droops more?
Her eyes?
Or her boobs?
Goth: Middle Aged Man Tries To Impersonate Rogue. VP: He dies of hairgel posoning.489 views2 comments
The art of making fat958 viewsthese 2 guys are so proud they found the right hole, that they had to show all of myspace!wiggz
best piercing ever969 viewseven cooler than "pauly unstoppable", the guy with the 1" nostrils, is this 44 year old single father (go figure) with a 1" septum. that is so attractive. i wish i could just kiss him, except that i couldn't because that ridiculous piece of jewelry is in the way.

4 commentsTalibanSam
What's this 35 year old guy doing in my dorm?464 viewsUhh....well i can't get 35 year old girls to let me in their house.3 commentsLove_Cartridge
Can we go in the kitchen? Snorting off the floor is making my back hurt.441 views Love_Cartridge
Uh, I heard there were girls here...429 viewsDave: Hi, I'm Dave. I heard you had hot girls in their underwear here.

Love Cartridge: Well, yes, but only fat ones, or ICP trailer chicks...we do have the Boise State cheerleaders though!!! They're downstairs somewhere...door is five bucks by the way. Thanks. Here's your cup. The kegs are down there too.
gimp signs452 viewsare you sure you guys don't wanna hang out or anything? there's a pool in the back.3 commentsTalibanSam
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