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the uncanny similarity371 views which is whiter?3 commentsreverbperv
Separated at Birth? Changsaw and Changmerlin433 viewsChang as video game characters. 2 comments
poseur loves the cock413 viewsas evident in this revealing paparazzi snap3 commentsTalibanSam
"Nice Boots"398 viewsOn the way up to the Haunted House, I saw this ghoul wearing ripped up fishnets and kneehigh boots. I complimented the boots, then she asks me if I want to borrow them. I got my pic snapped with her on the way out. Who do you think looks more scared in this pic?2 commentsposeur
3D Horrgoyles355 views3D super hi-tech X-ray specs make me look like a DEVO nerd and Wolfman Jack had a love child. They kept reminding us that cursing and swearing was not permitted.2 commentsposeur
Me + Crispy Ghoul Gatekeeper Walkie Talkie Man418 viewsThis guy actually had the coolest makeup in the entire prison. The flash kind of ruins it a little bit though. Once again, who looks more scared in the pic? If he only knew where his pic wound up.1 commentsposeur
Idolatry370 viewsDear St. Balboa, patron Saint of Righteous Whoopassery from Hell,

y0! Please grant me the serenity to avoid running over every slow-moving schmuck and unleashed toddler from here to Falls Bridge and back. Amen
2 commentsposeur
Lo_pan the Champine366 viewsI love how big Lo_pan makes St. Balboa look here. This picture was taken right after Lo_pan did his ceremonial sprinting procession up the Art Museum steps like a total tourist.poseur
THE PAIN CENTER446 viewsCocktumor and poseur stop off at THE PAIN CENTER to restock. Incidentally, if I was suffering from chronic pain and I needed to go see a specialist, the last place I'd go is some place called THE PAIN CENTER with a marquee designed with RED LETTERS IN ALL CAPS.4 commentsposeur
poseur and ron jeremy - separated at birth?342 views3 commentsTalibanSam
Teddy Roosevelt 363 viewsor T.S. Eliot? 4 commentsRisusEtOblivio
Happy Birthday, Lopanski305 viewsWhat are you, like 12 now?2 commentsLove_Cartridge
Happy Halloween364 viewsPerfect costumes for under $10.1 commentsposeur
Poseur and Sister Phil349 viewsMy drummer. He takes orders from me.1 commentsposeur
shamu320 viewsguess whos back...back again....whiteys...back...hes still fatWhitey_Industria_Jew
LAzy Eye, V.P. stylez446 viewsbask in my shame. *wink*2 commentsdemimonde
wtf is this moron335 viewswell i was sitting around...and decided to have a good return to the world of here i am1 commentsWhitey_Industria_Jew
OWNED468 viewsBUT MY TITS COST MORE THAN YOUR CAR.........POSEUR9 commentsmswhiner
G.I. Zombie is hawt.411 viewsOh yaw.

By the way, feel free to make all of the mean comments you like, this picture was taken for humor.
You careless bastards. :D
3 commentsG.I. Zombie
Mummer's Yawn522 viewsPoseur + Love Cartridge bored @ the belated Mummer's Day Parade.3 commentsposeur
word480 viewsSheeit homes, I cut chew and drink... PBR?Funker_joe
500 viewsindeed.G.I. Zombie
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