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Last comments - poseur
wait... juggaLETTE?546 viewsyou had me fooled.

...god, just pull the trigger.
4 commentspwnxd10/09/06 at 17:15poseur: "y0 I'm a crazy mothafuckin' Juggalet...
Making the Band450 viewsour band is gonna fucking kick ass!! (also, they're at the JC Penny getting a makeover. That's hot.)2 commentsfred_sanford10/08/06 at 19:03poseur: Estee Lauder + love of ICP + band photo = no
Greetings from Clip Art Hell500 viewsWhen you get redirected to some crap advertizing site you don't want to see, the least they can do is put some faggy clip art in there to amuse you.

"I was assaulted by a mime Mark Foley at Brigantine Mansion!!!"
1 commentsLove_Cartridge10/05/06 at 15:46poseur: Brigantine Castle's mimes don't even compa...
Separated at Birth? Changsaw and Changmerlin435 viewsChang as video game characters. 2 comments09/20/06 at 18:15poseur: The Leeds family from Southern NJ are responsible ...
hula dancing mulleteer.626 viewshe's from greece. the scars on his chest spell "BITCH" ...which is pretty accurate, i suppose.3 commentspwnxd09/20/06 at 18:14poseur: This native looks like he's an extra from the ...
Gah..603 viewsWhen will they realise... no matter what angle, they'll still be fat.1 commentsCuntyClause09/18/06 at 19:15poseur: If only gravity would fix this makeup job.
2nd installment of 'pierce over your acne'604 viewsdo people actually find this attractive? ....why?5 commentsTalibanSam09/17/06 at 03:40poseur: Gino? Is that you?
nice piercings, dumbass797 viewsthe only thing i have to say about this is that his nails are way too long and his nose looks like a butt7 commentsTalibanSam09/13/06 at 21:34poseur: RhinoceRuss says, "You guys have any cocaine?...
wow, they're actually at a carnival. 563 viewsi bet it cost 4 tickets to get his face painted. 5 commentspwnxd09/13/06 at 21:34poseur: Immigrant Carnival Posse
separated at birth?322 viewsjust when you thought it was safe to vomit in your own mouth.3 commentsreverbperv09/10/06 at 21:03poseur: Phil actually looks darker than Michael here. Thi...
oh jesus god654 viewsthis tattoo looks hungry.
candy godiva in tattoo form?
2 commentspwnxd09/10/06 at 21:03poseur: I got a fat roll tattooed on a fat roll in my leg.
626 viewsagh, what the hell?2 commentspwnxd09/10/06 at 21:02poseur: Bad tattoos go from bad to worse as they begin to ...
603 viewsmuppet? pin-up? her crotch-bump looking thing bothers me to no end. 3 commentspwnxd09/10/06 at 21:00poseur: Amine hermaphrodite fish pinup tattoos are so 2007...
uhhhhhhmmmm...655 viewsno comment. 2 commentspwnxd09/10/06 at 20:59poseur: Horrible Coop girl tattoo + tufts of Italian leg h...
oh my god.724 viewswhat the flying fuck.

all i have to say is that it makes perfect sense that she has a wolf on her opposite shoulder. only complete fucking weirdos like wolves enough to get tattoos of them.
5 commentspwnxd09/10/06 at 20:58poseur: Just what I want to see when I'm tagging that ...
Don't: Photoshop/Paint Shop a fake tan on yourself1181 viewsFrom pasty white vampire to Bronx Latina using the wonders of technology4 comments09/08/06 at 23:08poseur: The logo trademark of Corel in no way represents t...
Candy Godiva has a little sister...774 viewsCandy godiva envies this bitch and her kanklewarmers look big enough to fit around my neck loosely.10 comments09/08/06 at 07:38poseur: This is Candy Godiva's German cousin, Claudia ...
perv and mackenzie chillin345 viewsright now this bird is digging its claw into my shoulder and shtting on my back. eeeeeeeee.8 commentsreverbperv09/07/06 at 05:14poseur: Yarrrr you know what me want ta be seein' mate...
more candy godiva by popular demand812 viewshere you go, love_cartridge. more candy godiva for you!

the only reason 'material girl' applies to this woman is due to the fact that you would need at least 50 yards of material to cover her.
8 commentsTalibanSam09/06/06 at 05:22poseur: Love_Cartridge: She has a mullet.
Candy Godiva886 viewsThe triangle is out of place :-|6 comments09/06/06 at 00:40poseur: The underwear gets cranked up that high because yo...
The Poseur Family Album340 viewsHere are my three boys, Cato, Marquez and Brian. I love them all very much!!!2 commentsLove_Cartridge09/03/06 at 22:07poseur: <3 Mis hermanos guapissimos.
Jeffree 'Cunt' Star815 viewsMySpace girls are all over this 16 year old boys dick. 3 commentsIngrid.Cold08/31/06 at 18:12poseur:, giving social misfits a soapbox since...
gah !!! i hate phones... and i have to pee328 views6 commentsCr][(V)sOn ViXeN08/31/06 at 18:09poseur: "Thank you for calling America Online, please...
hahaha. shit. 698 viewsthis is the epitome of "your ink guy fucked up."5 commentspwnxd08/31/06 at 18:08poseur: Shatt
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