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Last comments - poseur
all dressed up...344 viewsand taking pics.16 commentsr_sin0008/11/06 at 16:43poseur: Nice shoes. Come clean my home.
MyspaceMockery513 viewsEveryone should have a photograph of themselves at an angle, taken with their cell phone while in the bathroom.29 commentsRenaeAngell08/11/06 at 16:42poseur: Renae.MySpace.Angles
me on a friend's bike324 views7 commentsarchades08/11/06 at 16:41poseur: A hog.
the perv circa 1979275 views holy shit! gene simmons was the coolest, and so was the count. gimmie a break. i was 5. i was still cooler than you were.4 commentsreverbperv08/11/06 at 15:01poseur: This is my buddy Keith, young Satanist in training...
OMG LETZ GO KLUBBING.585 viewsbaby seals. i need to build up my fat deposits for winter. 6 commentspwnxd08/09/06 at 16:54poseur: What a gentle platypus with its blunt-shaped teeth...
The French354 viewsHere we have Stefan and his Lebanese fuckslave Mukhtar just finished eating stale baguettes and brie with their newly sharpened vampire teeth.5 comments08/08/06 at 19:24poseur: Here we have Guy the French organgrinder impersona...
Hmm...577 viewsDid that brown stuff on the girl's leg come from that bellybutton? Let's fucking hope not. Also, what is that fluid they're in?10 commentsFunker_joe08/08/06 at 19:19poseur: This gives new meaning to the term "jello wre...
Separated at birth ??315 views5 commentsLove_Cartridge08/08/06 at 19:17poseur: Roman Catholic Philippino Cockroach
Would you like a drumbeat or an assbeat?912 viewsYou decide.4 commentsWorshippingsydney08/08/06 at 01:09poseur: Yes, please. That's a "Do".
me me me447 viewsphotoshopped for your protection..24 commentsIshookbabyjesus08/08/06 at 01:08poseur: Photoshop some more clothes onto yourself.
pfffffftttt.564 views8 commentspwnxd08/06/06 at 16:22poseur: "Sargeant Sweatpockets and Petty Officer Bond...
if Charles and Marilyn pro-created660 viewsheh i need help on this one, the title says it all i think.5 commentsengelbert08/06/06 at 06:19poseur: It's obvious this is one of those 2 single par...
I'm too sexy for my shower667 viewsi think how the colour of his feet match the colour of his ass-crack is a nice touch :-S8 commentsengelbert08/06/06 at 06:10poseur: This guy probably is an adjunct Lit instructor in ...
The Human Torch325 viewsThis guy lit himself on fire to get some local media attention to his protest against the government. We here at would like to give this guy a free place to spread his message to all Sikhs that you shouldn't smoke at the gas station you work at.3 comments08/05/06 at 18:32poseur: I think I spotted this guy at The Burning Man Fest...
YEAH! STUFFED ANIMALS!481 viewsI'm not sure wtf he's doing other than looking like Cousin It. However, Cousin It doesn't have a lavalamp, nor a crappy black metal shirt.8 commentsbatastrophe08/05/06 at 14:05poseur: Black Metal! Spiderman! 420!
Chuckies bride ate too many donuts!1149 viewsWas this fat piece of shit too lazy to go out and buy a black sharpie? Blue just isn't goth enough.16 comments08/05/06 at 14:04poseur: This is definitely a "don't".
David Lo Pan363 viewsDavid Lo Pan showing off his posing skills.3 comments08/04/06 at 18:07poseur: Panpan here is looking like a missing member of th...
I too can take a joke.328 viewsAfter thinking "What the fuck...", you realize that my soul is as dark as...night in.....a...story about....people building sand castles in....a Satanic church(?). Right.8 commentsbatastrophe08/03/06 at 17:26poseur: My oak furniture is darker and more Satanic than y...
Damn, that is a sweet earth.477 views*sigh* I....fuck it, the picture speaks for itself.5 commentsbatastrophe08/03/06 at 17:22poseur: It's pictures like this that create problems f...
The Androgynous Pilsbury Vampire690 viewsWith strawberry glaze.8 comments07/31/06 at 18:04poseur: "I was hoping that I could sit out of gym tod...
Office Troll568 viewsAll chat and no work makes poseur a dull boy.17 commentsposeur07/30/06 at 01:35poseur: This is the angle my boss sees when he stands over...
TREE KISSER (lolololol etc.)998 viewsDeath hawk + sleeping on a bus = best gawff hair EVAR. You can kind of see one side, which used to sport zebra stripes. 8 commentsXaha07/30/06 at 01:28poseur: Poster child for Treehuggers Anonymous
595 viewsit seems that miss liberty has multiple sclerosis.3 commentspwnxd07/29/06 at 08:04poseur: According to this tattoo, the USA has 6 states in ...
Sumatran Doll-Eating Black Metal Sumo Wrestler528 viewsOh man. Just, oh man. This picture is nothing but funny, from the sharpie makeup to the severed doll head, to the Hot Topic wristband, to the contact lenses. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?9 commentss.yphon07/28/06 at 18:57poseur: If shrunken heads are voodoo, this is definitely a...
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