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Last comments - poseur
You're not gay if you're not the one suckin'581 viewsJust a Juggalo clown life, dude. Gettin' camp on, our drink on, our "sweaty gay blowjob" on. You know how we roll.3 commentsposeur07/24/10 at 06:14poseur: You know, it's rare I will comment on an image...
Vampire Chat579 viewsMy computer is my best friend. I will live forever.7 commentsposeur01/16/08 at 14:23poseur: BSOD ... Blue Screen of Dad
...510 viewsi dont know.1 commentsTalibanSam12/29/07 at 04:13poseur: I don't know what is more appealing ... the ge...
the sword of a thousand truths503 viewswe can't entrust it to a newb!3 commentsTalibanSam11/30/07 at 02:37poseur: The sword of Lameocles.
120 views1 commentsposeur11/19/07 at 04:06poseur: STOP
welcome to IRL485 viewshope you remembered your makeup remover4 commentsTalibanSam10/13/07 at 21:50poseur: Doo dee doo, just chillin' and waiting for Sam...
shamanic ritual gone wrong477 viewsremember malachai from children of the corn? take him, add spandex, a cat skull, and a tiki torch staff and this is what you get. 2 commentsTalibanSam10/13/07 at 21:48poseur: That's quite a codpiece you're sportin'...
DementedFaygoBoy514 viewsdoublechin mcspecialforehead is bisexual. look out guys!4 commentsTalibanSam09/19/07 at 21:42poseur: Wood paneling. Nuff said.
vampire body builder661 viewsi dont know.2 commentsTalibanSam08/25/07 at 21:38poseur: Are his nipples modified to look like an Asian'...
chick magnet518 viewsnothing says badass like a... tweety bird tattoo?1 commentsTalibanSam08/16/07 at 05:17poseur: Nice stretchmarked prison tattoo!
So happy be backstage!434 viewsBjorn from the NSBM band Sweatzkopf meeting with Cheng, owner of the Lucky Dragon Casino & Lounge in Macau.

Seriously, who the fuck are these people? This has to be one of the stranger photographs I've ever seen.

$10 VP Buckz to whoever identifies them.
3 commentsposeur08/02/07 at 16:21poseur: $10 VP bucks to TalibanSam. Pick a prize from the...
What's this 35 year old guy doing in my dorm?468 viewsUhh....well i can't get 35 year old girls to let me in their house.3 commentsLove_Cartridge07/24/07 at 00:02poseur: This 35 yr old is your brother ... the same guy yo...
the only thing more disturbing than this grown man dressing like an infant to achieve sexual pleasure...393 viewsis the fact that a REAL INFANT IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. asdiojhsaidhsahdddd2 commentspwnxd07/24/07 at 00:01poseur: Do the "Mashed Peas", do the "Dirty...
extreme badass492 viewswatchout! he's hungry for cock and on the prowl4 commentsTalibanSam07/02/07 at 13:55poseur: I love the contrast between the shitty black makeu...
Go USA!462 viewsDude: Please, don't eat so much, America. I beg you.
Lady: Shut the fuck up you skinny foreigner! I'll fucking eat you! Go USA!
7 comments06/07/07 at 15:14poseur: The guy on the left looks Italian with those "...
future cultural revolutionary534 viewsi hope people start copying the cunt puncher idea like they do the nicole richie rosary around the ankle idea3 commentsTalibanSam06/07/07 at 15:10poseur: That's funny because I have the exact same tat...
just plain gross639 viewsproof why people with bad dental hygiene shouldn't wear makeup pigmented lighter than their tooth enamel.

straight from this dude's profile: I am 18 years old and I am a Bi-Sexual. I am TOATTALLY obsessed with Marilyn Manson and I wish to get surgery done so i can look exactly like Manson. He is so Hott LOL!
4 commentsTalibanSam05/31/07 at 05:25poseur: Is oral surgery on that list, bub
best piercing ever972 viewseven cooler than "pauly unstoppable", the guy with the 1" nostrils, is this 44 year old single father (go figure) with a 1" septum. that is so attractive. i wish i could just kiss him, except that i couldn't because that ridiculous piece of jewelry is in the way.

4 commentsTalibanSam05/31/07 at 05:23poseur: "Yah Rolfe your nasal gaguing is vastly super...
The Ultimate Vampire380 viewsShe'll suck your blood, and all sense out of your brain.3 commentss.yphon05/10/07 at 20:10poseur: The lovely mAnn Coulter. I want to love that bitc...
More costume tardery439 viewsThrough the wonders of the internet any fatso like this girl from the far reaches of Canton, Ohio can log on to eBay and purchase 10 and a half yards of fleshtone cellulite colored fabric for her cosplay project delivered to her just in time for Otakon.

3 comments04/24/07 at 14:56poseur: Thanks to the wonders of the internet, people like...
Mimi688 viewsIt's Mimi from the Drew Carey show attempting PokeMon cosplay.2 comments04/24/07 at 14:54poseur: This cheeseburger slayer looks like Divine trying ...
release the bats375 viewsguess who?
2 commentslelly04/09/07 at 18:12poseur: Eddie Munster?
peter longstockings697 viewsoh yeah, maybe spread your legs a little. oh, that's nice. real nice. gimme a grin, beautiful. oh yeah, that's gorgeous.3 commentsTalibanSam04/08/07 at 05:21poseur: There is an interesting contrast between the A-Tea...
508 viewsThis is Cletus Dreckskerl and his uncle Jeb Tripper posing for the Aryan dating site.3 comments03/18/07 at 15:14poseur: Leave the house much, guys? The front door taunts...
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