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Last comments - fred_sanford
Today's your lucky day446 viewsUsing the power of anal sex to lure men into wedlock since 1 A.D.

I'm not even going to entertain the thought that these women are dykes.
2 commentsposeur08/02/09 at 09:29fred_sanford: I swear I saw that toothy beast here in my hometo...
I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!602 viewsI didn't know where to put this but this Beavis look-alike was too funny to pass up so I added him to "Costume Tards"5 comments03/09/07 at 00:27fred_sanford: the many faces of meth!
Fucking Kids545 views"I know 2 little fucking demonoids that won't be getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year. What's the point when you already destroyed my HDTV, you little shitsmearing diaperstainers?"7 commentsposeur12/29/06 at 04:41fred_sanford: Where in the hell were the parents while this was ...
164 views1 commentsposeur12/02/06 at 14:47fred_sanford: Imma eat choo!
Need a reason for mass murder?479 viewsJust remember most people on this fucking planet have a MySpace, and 2/3 of the population look/act like this.3 commentsFunker_joe10/25/06 at 03:27fred_sanford: is that lindsey lohan on the left?
Borat's Cousin Muhktar510 viewsYou're creeping me out with your prisonlike molester-moustache stare, there Yanni.5 commentsposeur10/21/06 at 14:39fred_sanford: who wants a moustache ride?
Les or Leslie773 viewsEven *if* this guy was illegitimately locked up, do you honestly think anyone would care? Get his pockmarked, mole-covered, stubble laden ass off the streets forever. You can't possibly panhandle enough to finish the botched sex-change journey you've embarked upon.4 commentsposeur10/14/06 at 00:22fred_sanford: he should be in the new bum fights gone wild!!!
257 views2 commentsposeur10/09/06 at 04:22fred_sanford: I bet he juggles those cocks.
125 views3 commentsposeur10/08/06 at 07:43fred_sanford: isn't that renae angell?
poseur loves the cock414 viewsas evident in this revealing paparazzi snap3 commentsTalibanSam09/23/06 at 20:32fred_sanford: he can't get enough of my 3 inches!!
Stumps O'Malley559 viewsSing us a song, you're the piano man, eh.7 commentsposeur09/22/06 at 05:46fred_sanford: hahahahahahaha!!
... juggalard943 views... Jarred the Juggalard stands guard in his front yard.8 commentsSection609/22/06 at 00:57fred_sanford: where's his neck?
110 views3 commentsposeur09/18/06 at 04:04fred_sanford: hahahahahaha @ pwnxd's comment
140 views3 commentsposeur09/18/06 at 04:03fred_sanford: OH MY GOD, NO!!!
Too Many Problems683 viewsI can't believe she felt the need to write it out. Anyone can tell she has problems by looking at the way she dresses.2 comments09/17/06 at 18:38fred_sanford: yeah....her problem is she looks like a man.
Kiss Me I'm Irish358 viewsi don't think even at last call after ingesting many green-dyed pints on st. patties day would make this guy one-night-stand worthy3 commentsengelbert09/15/06 at 13:12fred_sanford: He must be Scottish.....Irn-bru is a scottish thin...
Goth Rock Band #12308097460 viewsLooks like Dimmu Borgir went Cabaret. Nice bulge and boots on the bald guy.3 commentsposeur09/12/06 at 00:39fred_sanford: that's just wrong...
Beware my forehead...564 viewsAnd my killer eyebrow lines!!!3 commentsgoatgrrrrl09/09/06 at 02:12fred_sanford: bass mouth.
township_rebel685 viewsYou tell me.7 commentsRenaeAngell09/09/06 at 02:11fred_sanford: looks like s.yphon's queer ass.
jeffrey starstein574 viewsjeffree star minus makeup equals one very unattractive jewish kid5 commentsTalibanSam09/09/06 at 02:05fred_sanford: no wonder he wears so much makeup....damn. I like ...
207 views2 commentsposeur09/08/06 at 01:54fred_sanford: I'm scared.
separated at birth?340 viewsRichard D. James / Poseur3 commentsposeur09/01/06 at 01:06fred_sanford: That smile can only mean one thing; Fred gives goo...
hahaha. shit. 698 viewsthis is the epitome of "your ink guy fucked up."5 commentspwnxd08/31/06 at 00:14fred_sanford: shit slutt
Nascar Tattoos693 viewsSo her boyfriend has something to watch while doing her doggie style in his trailer.5 comments08/31/06 at 00:13fred_sanford: Now I've seen it all.
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