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Last comments - engelbert
OhEmGee it's Emo530 viewsO is for em-O, and it's good enough for me. hey!
Yes, you want the emo flip too, I know it.
4 commentsG.I. Zombie08/08/06 at 16:42engelbert: she's doing the "faux surprised" loo...
Hmm...577 viewsDid that brown stuff on the girl's leg come from that bellybutton? Let's fucking hope not. Also, what is that fluid they're in?10 commentsFunker_joe08/07/06 at 17:31engelbert: i see a theme emerging, colour-coordinating to you...
The French354 viewsHere we have Stefan and his Lebanese fuckslave Mukhtar just finished eating stale baguettes and brie with their newly sharpened vampire teeth.5 comments08/07/06 at 17:30engelbert: this is the reason i stopped going to fetish night...
The real cokeandvodka_fiend408 viewsIt only took me a month of trolling her to get this.8 commentsposeur08/07/06 at 07:30engelbert: you've gotta be kidding me
pfffffftttt.564 views8 commentspwnxd08/06/06 at 01:14engelbert: *sung to the tune of "lollipop kids" in ...
The Human Torch325 viewsThis guy lit himself on fire to get some local media attention to his protest against the government. We here at would like to give this guy a free place to spread his message to all Sikhs that you shouldn't smoke at the gas station you work at.3 comments08/05/06 at 13:55engelbert: i guess holding up the tributary lit lighter won&#...
engelturd381 viewsscrawny chicken gizzard at large, go nuts.

(yes, i implement "the angles")
6 commentsengelbert08/05/06 at 04:37engelbert: hahaha i don't smoke THAT MUCH pot..... these ...
Engelbert392 views9 commentsposeur08/05/06 at 04:27engelbert: i do not know of this stonerweather of which you s...
The spitting image of androgeny878 viewsIs it a gay male or a gay female? I'll give you 3 guesses!7 comments08/05/06 at 03:52engelbert: well whatever it is, has a nice case of wino-nose
Travis and Ginny in their new home894 viewsWe're newlyweds, so you know money's tight. Lucky for us, the trailer down at the end had a bathroom for rent.5 commentsLove_Cartridge08/05/06 at 03:51engelbert: they're actually brother and sister
Knights of IPTables377 viewsHark, Squire Firewall. Less with the plate mail and more with the fixing of my laser printer. The shine in your armor only emphasizes the male pattern baldness.1 commentsposeur08/05/06 at 03:48engelbert: armor-plated chrome-domium... nono that's just...
Toilet Performance Art790 views"You squat and impersonate a rabbit. I'll wear mismatched socks and too much makeup. On the count of three, pee into the toilet. K?"4 commentsposeur08/05/06 at 03:46engelbert: ...when drunk girls need to tinkle...
You have to try the omelets at this place.593 views"How is everything guys?" "Oh, great. I love it here. The Mayonnaise Bar is the best I've seen. What a great idea."6 commentsLove_Cartridge08/05/06 at 03:44engelbert: you can just tell the guy on the left isn't he...
wow.544 viewsher head is huge, and her boots make me uncomfortable. 7 commentspwnxd08/05/06 at 03:40engelbert: ah this must be another pr0n series by Seymour But...
hair explosionnnnn600 viewsonce again, i am left with nothing witty to say. 9 commentspwnxd08/05/06 at 03:38engelbert: i'd hit that.... if i was on acid
cybergoth? bwuhhh? 533 viewsi think her contacts/lazy eye is a nice touch. 9 commentspwnxd08/05/06 at 03:37engelbert: it's obviously a member of Parliament
"Uh Oh, i think it's too far to the right! FOT represent!"699 views"Do you think anyone will notice it's crooked? I'm so FOT yo!"7 commentsDimitrios08/05/06 at 03:32engelbert: "fot"? is that new yorkian for "Far...
Collector of ... stuff500 viewsI know grown men that collect comic books and Star Wars action figures. The difference between them and this guy is that I suspect the comic book collectors of the world aren't fantasizing about having sex with the X-men. .... or maybe they are. But at least it's not as in your face. Grown men into Evanescence, you gotta wonder.11 commentsposeur08/05/06 at 03:27engelbert: dear god, what a CRAPPY thing to obsess over :rol...
the maybelline corporation makes so much money off of these idiots.868 views7 commentspwnxd08/05/06 at 03:21engelbert: this is a pic taken after a night of knob-gobbling
i have a rather large nose 483 viewsbut i like it that way.12 commentspwnxd08/05/06 at 03:15engelbert: bigger noses make for better coke consumption
Robert Rich268 viewsI'm actually a fan of this guy.3 commentsposeur08/05/06 at 03:11engelbert: i still think he looks a bit like Paul Shaeffer...
Conspiracy Warrior445 viewsThis guy looks like he's ready to do battle with all forces of evil, including the US Government's Mind Control Unit, black dragons, urinating homeless people, and grilled chicken marsala.5 commentsposeur08/05/06 at 03:04engelbert: this reminds me of my mom for some reason
Got Milk?544 viewsAnd all these years I had thought that vampires drank blood..2 commentsG.I. Zombie08/05/06 at 03:00engelbert: aw is someone having blubber withdrawals?
Preeow! The Electrical Tape Bandit strikes again!680 views6 commentsG.I. Zombie08/05/06 at 02:54engelbert: yeah he should focus on covering up those chest so...
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