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Last comments - Funker_joe
McCainosferatu327 views1 comments10/31/08 at 02:34Funker_joe: HAHAHA. OH FUCK. New desktop.
if you can't beat 'em...491 viewsdraw your eyebrows on backwards! yeaaaah!1 commentsTalibanSam10/31/08 at 02:32Funker_joe: Ya'll don't know me! \m/
Angel Storm300 viewsAnother photo of me edited by my good friend Armand7 commentsmoth3r trinity08/20/08 at 20:46Funker_joe: Armand is the MAN.
616 viewstoo much sexy for one faux-corset.3 commentspwnxd08/20/08 at 20:42Funker_joe: Notice the baby monitor top left... just sayin'...
Mazel Tov! or "The Bride gets her own cake"570 viewsI can't see where the cake/icing ends and where her dress/body begins. She just looks like she's sitting in a huge Carvel cake.4 commentsposeur08/20/08 at 20:40Funker_joe: I think I got a brain tumor from this photo.
Not A Do Now.1950 viewsI saw this girl in do's. She looked ok there. But look at her here.
Fat and dwarf like.
4 commentscookie_cutter08/20/08 at 20:40Funker_joe: Grow a neck.
Go USA!466 viewsDude: Please, don't eat so much, America. I beg you.
Lady: Shut the fuck up you skinny foreigner! I'll fucking eat you! Go USA!
7 comments08/20/08 at 20:38Funker_joe: Haha, the guy in the middle looks like the Amerita...
High Society423 viewsGood thing Earl here thought of a way to ventilate his pizza pouch. Give me a shot of the "I don't give a shit" punch!3 commentsposeur08/20/08 at 20:37Funker_joe: This guy is extreme.
DementedFaygoBoy518 viewsdoublechin mcspecialforehead is bisexual. look out guys!4 commentsTalibanSam08/20/08 at 20:36Funker_joe: There also appears to be a plant growing out of hi...
Is it art?583 viewsI'm not sure, let's armwrestle over it. The victor gets to stick his hand in the flap and pull out a prize.

Of course it's art. Complete with the artfags.
3 commentsposeur08/20/08 at 20:34Funker_joe: There's nothing worse than a couple of douche ...
Salute462 salutes you, Miss Struggling Identity Girl. You give the fat spandex wearing girls of the world hope.1 commentsposeur08/20/08 at 20:32Funker_joe: //suicide
Seacaucus Prom Night501 viewsSal the Mook and Toilet Brush here are sooo getting laid tonight ... they brought their own lube in the form of spray-on-tan.3 commentsposeur08/20/08 at 20:32Funker_joe: There's something extremely hypnotizing about ...
worst mohawk ever428 viewsmeets best flat top ever.
they are eerily similar.

left: guile. right: death_happens666.
1 commentsTalibanSam01/06/08 at 08:37Funker_joe:
welcome to IRL488 viewshope you remembered your makeup remover4 commentsTalibanSam10/19/07 at 16:55Funker_joe: Do I see Aeris from Final Fantasy VII?
DementedFaygoBoy518 viewsdoublechin mcspecialforehead is bisexual. look out guys!4 commentsTalibanSam09/24/07 at 01:47Funker_joe: The wood paneling makes me think of D&D.
herpes hank and his girlfriend patti709 viewsor would that be..boyfriend?6 commentsTalibanSam09/24/07 at 01:46Funker_joe: Ugh...
Divine taking a d00k528 viewsI love this Divine wannabe's shameless posturing over the toilet. Great makeup job!2 commentsposeur09/24/07 at 01:44Funker_joe: Unacceptable.
feminine hygiene ninja613 viewsi'm really glad there's a "bloody messes" category :D1 commentsTalibanSam09/24/07 at 01:44Funker_joe: You've gotta wonder how he wakes up in the mor...
Fucking Kids545 views"I know 2 little fucking demonoids that won't be getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year. What's the point when you already destroyed my HDTV, you little shitsmearing diaperstainers?"7 commentsposeur09/24/07 at 01:41Funker_joe: Hopefully it's lead based paint.
Miguel the Klingon491 viewsNothing says "career minded" more than body modification that makes you look like an alien ... and I'm not talking about illegal alien here.3 commentsposeur09/24/07 at 01:38Funker_joe: Welcome to the wonderful world of never getting la...
Fuck you, Steinbrenner346 viewsI'm no sports fan, but I am definitely a fan of giving assholes the finger.

You can almost hear him saying "wha wha what's this?"
2 commentsposeur09/14/07 at 02:01Funker_joe: Haha! The look on his face is priceless.
Don't Go Changin'520 views"To try to please me. Just wear thick, thick eyeshadow, fake eyebrows, lush lipstick, and ....

Here. Hold this in your teeth."
3 commentsposeur09/07/07 at 07:43Funker_joe: Unacceptable.
"Alabama Bench Warmer" or "Grace Under Pressure"413 viewsBiscuits and gravy didn't miss this person. Do you magically form a third ass cheek when you grow to this size?1 commentsposeur09/07/07 at 07:41Funker_joe: That sent a chill up my spine.
Nintendo 64 Demon307 viewsThis kid looks more than a little possessed with the gleam of materialism.3 commentsposeur09/03/07 at 02:11Funker_joe: pwnxd is right.
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