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73 viewsposeurOct 30, 2015
36 viewsposeurOct 30, 2015
54 viewsposeurOct 30, 2015
Danzig / Dairy Queen Mashup559 viewsFishnet armsock - check
Posing hard as fuck in front of a Buns & Roses poster - check
Kentucky style missing slat in the Venetian Blinds - check
Round like a ball - check
poseurJun 19, 2013
I need you to put more than a bag over your head649 viewsInsert your entire upper torso into this exercise ball. Bend your knees just a little bit. Now stand next to these balloons. Perfect!poseurJun 07, 2013
Gay Comedy648 viewsTragedy indeed. You got tagged up by the only thespian in the entire prison. Enjoy the rest of your gay stay.poseurJun 07, 2013
Hen Faire1084 viewsWe have a rare glimpse of the gothic hen in her natural habitat ... the grassy knolls aside graveyards. Watch as she laid her dark eggs.poseurJun 07, 2013
Give your imaginary midget rave BFF a hug3018 viewsYou think you look so cool. Take just one frame out of that ecstasy-addled rave you attended, and you'll see just how retarded you really are. No hallucinogenic vision quest of self-discovery required. poseurJul 13, 2011
Separated at birth?2874 viewsQueen Elizabeth / The MaskposeurMay 01, 2011
Thigh fat vagina3367 viewsI bet my next bus fare on the fact that this bitch is rockin' it commando.poseurJan 10, 2011
Lycra Bear2984 viewsGandalf Pedobear is lounging in his Kentucky lair of seduction rocking the lycra mansuit.poseurJan 03, 2011
Shitstain cover-up3105 viewsThe bad news is, when you're 70, this will look like a huge shit smear. The good news is no one will want to see your ass when you're 70.poseurOct 18, 2010
Beer Slayer2725 viewsThe beer gut is a dead giveaway that this guy is more likely from Yonkers than he is from Norway.poseurSep 04, 2010
Come in costume, half off on admission2590 views"Ok guys, we'll let you into the Star Wars convention. But seriously, there were no clowns in any of the movies."poseurAug 24, 2010
Biggest tent I've ever seen2589 views"We asked for a chick to work the kissing booth, not eat it."poseurAug 24, 2010
Get 'em while they're young4052 viewsYoung devotees of the Kiss Mujahideen. Too young to know any better. I blame the parents.poseurAug 24, 2010
Reach for the stars407 views... and if you can't make it, reach for the office ceiling tiles.poseurJul 29, 2010
From neck to ass in 1 second531 viewsWhat can you do? Your neck doesn't know where it ends and your ass begins. Do you pull up your pants to your shoulders, or just let your ass hang out?poseurJul 22, 2010
Tradgey / Comedy352 viewsYes, indeed.poseurJun 27, 2010
Soccer Groupies564 viewsThe asses in South America are cartoonlike huge. 1 commentsposeurJun 27, 2010
ASS FUDGE334 views"Move a little to your left. Right there, perfect."poseurJun 06, 2010
Technically not nude369 viewsI'm going to hedge my bets and wager that this is actually a man.poseurApr 30, 2010
Another hot girl, another fat guy625 viewsShe didn't know when she showed up for her charity photo op that she'd have to mingle with Zambia's most famous wrestler.poseurApr 20, 2010
Hot girl, fat guy500 viewsI think I'm going to make this into a new thread. I don't think this guy could do much more to make that girl look hot, except excuse himself from the photo.poseurApr 13, 2010
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