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Lo_pan the Champine367 viewsI love how big Lo_pan makes St. Balboa look here. This picture was taken right after Lo_pan did his ceremonial sprinting procession up the Art Museum steps like a total tourist.poseurOct 05, 2006
Note to self653 viewsDon't smoke in bed; wear pyjamas to bed.1 commentsposeurOct 04, 2006
Idolatry371 viewsDear St. Balboa, patron Saint of Righteous Whoopassery from Hell,

y0! Please grant me the serenity to avoid running over every slow-moving schmuck and unleashed toddler from here to Falls Bridge and back. Amen
2 commentsposeurOct 02, 2006
Me + Crispy Ghoul Gatekeeper Walkie Talkie Man419 viewsThis guy actually had the coolest makeup in the entire prison. The flash kind of ruins it a little bit though. Once again, who looks more scared in the pic? If he only knew where his pic wound up.1 commentsposeurOct 02, 2006
3D Horrgoyles356 views3D super hi-tech X-ray specs make me look like a DEVO nerd and Wolfman Jack had a love child. They kept reminding us that cursing and swearing was not permitted.2 commentsposeurOct 02, 2006
"Nice Boots"399 viewsOn the way up to the Haunted House, I saw this ghoul wearing ripped up fishnets and kneehigh boots. I complimented the boots, then she asks me if I want to borrow them. I got my pic snapped with her on the way out. Who do you think looks more scared in this pic?2 commentsposeurOct 02, 2006
Family Planning649 viewsPhotoshopped?2 commentsposeurSep 30, 2006
Eastern State Penitentiary582 viewsHere's a picture of my buddy Johnny C, sporting his best ghoul pose inside Eastern State Penitentiary here in Philadelphia. Every Halloween, the city opens the abandoned prison as a Halloween attraction to scare all the white folk out of North Philly.1 commentsposeurSep 26, 2006
NoseFeratu The Vampire Jew815 views... slain with a broomstake thru his nose.1 commentsposeurSep 25, 2006
Japanese Locust Clips548 viewsAsian people have some of the most bizarre cultural practices. Playing with your food, for example, is one I cannot condone.4 commentsposeurSep 22, 2006
Dual Purpose Dinettewear632 viewsTablecloth during the day, manatee sarong at night.5 commentsposeurSep 20, 2006
Uncle Pauly541 viewsThis gorilla was sighted getting up from bed in the middle of the night after a long night of killing a case of Coors Light and making half-baked beerbreathed passes at underage girls in the local bowling alley.4 commentsposeurSep 16, 2006
Air Laptop455 viewsThis is the Black Metal version of me.2 commentsposeurSep 15, 2006
1 inch of fabric686 views... hiding that last angry inch.1 commentsposeurSep 13, 2006
reverbperv + the best man351 viewsI want that guy to stick his swarthy drunken hands down my pants.3 commentsposeurSep 13, 2006
Goth Rock Band #12308097460 viewsLooks like Dimmu Borgir went Cabaret. Nice bulge and boots on the bald guy.3 commentsposeurSep 11, 2006
Separated at birth?433 viewsItalian pants man / satyr @ Ren Faire2 commentsposeurSep 10, 2006
Hair Pants573 viewsI think it's pretty safe to say this guy isn't nude with those hair pants he's wearing. This guy must be Italian.7 commentsposeurSep 09, 2006
Beetlejuice380 viewsThe Howard Stern Show's own. I need to get an internship with Howard Stern so I can be a complete retard and get famous for it.1 commentsposeurSep 08, 2006
Burger Thing520 viewsmmmmm ... peppers, onions, black olives, and "nondescript white sauce" on 2 pieces of chicken-flavored flatbread. Between Kimchee and this Burger Thing, it's safe to say that Koreans will eat anything. 7 commentsposeurSep 08, 2006
Fangella563 viewsDon't choke to death on your own fake fangs. How are you going to feast when you can't even get a cracker past those things?2 commentsposeurSep 08, 2006
Never forget605 views.... Steve Irwin.4 commentsposeurSep 07, 2006
WTF Batman is GAY546 viewsI guess a life of fighting crime doesn't make up for the fact that having your parents gunned down in front of you as a kid leads to pedophilia.2 commentsposeurSep 05, 2006
Professor Poseur, PhD412 viewsI am a tenured instructor at Kolansoft Hindu Technology Institute in Jersey City, NJ.3 commentsposeurSep 04, 2006
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