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Rizzle McDizzle446 viewsI love this 80's Pontiac Grand Prix all tricked out with the latest McDizzleland Racing Team speedkit action. *drives away in my tofumobile*5 commentsposeurAug 31, 2006
separated at birth?940 viewsFat goth #128980982039 / Andre the Giant2 commentsposeurAug 31, 2006
separated at birth?350 viewsPicture of some hippie werewolf / Poseur drinking faux blood red vodka/cranberry @ Tattooed Mom's in Philly4 commentsposeurAug 31, 2006
separated at birth?340 viewsRichard D. James / Poseur3 commentsposeurAug 31, 2006
028.jpg away team490 viewsPoseur and Lo_pan here look like they're surveying a strange planet. Ironically, they were just on Passyunk Ave hunting for vampireposers at the Doo Wop Car Show.10 commentsposeurAug 17, 2006
Goth Parasol335 viewsThe Philadelphia Doo Wop Car Show brought out all kinds of freaks, namely this manatee who walked around with a parasol not even big enough to shade herself from the sun.

Video credits: me
2 commentsposeurAug 14, 2006
The real cokeandvodka_fiend408 viewsIt only took me a month of trolling her to get this.8 commentsposeurAug 06, 2006
Southern Androgyny706 views"I'll be Tomya, and you be Bobby Sue."

"So, which one of us is the boy?"

"Who cares? Just touch me."
3 commentsposeurAug 03, 2006
Love_Cartridge + Philly's Finest334 viewsLove_Cartridge striking a pose with one of Philly's Finest.

Photo Credits: Me
Kiss Credits: Love_Cartridge + the 1980s
Roach Credits: West Philadelphia
15 commentsposeurAug 03, 2006
Let Yourself Go610 viewsThere comes a point in your life where you make a decision about your self image. This guy is embracing his decision, literally.8 commentsposeurAug 02, 2006
How do you say PWNT in Italian?273 viewsHere's a video of some Italian kid falling into g33kfits after getting PWNT in Quake 3.3 commentsposeurAug 02, 2006
Hello Darthy377 views"This costume fulfills ALL of my convention needs."6 commentsposeurAug 01, 2006
Last of his species418 viewsI don't care how many metalheads claim this is a legitimate talent. In an age where one person can perform an entire concert with a G4 laptop from behind a black curtain, guys like this are more like The Bearded Lady @ a circus than anything else.2 commentsposeurJul 31, 2006
Spot the Poseur, #2350 viewsThis cowboy comes into the bar all the time. I will get a real photo with him someday. Is that a bud he has in his hand?5 commentsposeurJul 31, 2006
Green Ghoulella & Pumpkin Punkass339 viewsI work with these two citizens. She likes to beat him up.5 commentsposeurJul 30, 2006
Spot the poseur376 viewsWhite people, laptop battle, gang signs, PBR, drunken posing8 commentsposeurJul 28, 2006
Office Troll568 viewsAll chat and no work makes poseur a dull boy.17 commentsposeurJul 25, 2006
1338378 views.... his face at rest6 commentsposeurJul 18, 2006
Beach Viking464 viewsLady of the Lake here fancies herself a Viking from a past life. Drop the runic blade posery. The beach is for surfers.6 commentsposeurJul 10, 2006
Diego Dungeon Master409 views"Digame, esse. Choo better do as I say or choo will get chained up like my homies here."2 commentsposeurJun 27, 2006
Rabbi Merman374 viewsThe Coney Island Mermaid Parade brings out the freaks in droves. Here we have a Jewish Merman bodybuilder we call Moishe. He will defend your homeland and lox.4 commentsposeurJun 26, 2006
Fearless Scotch + Soda Warrior315 viewsA 5th of Jim Beam is not enough to get me to smear shit all over my almost-naked-cutoff-courderoy-Wrangler wearing body.

That's KVLT.
5 commentsposeurJun 17, 2006
Conspiracy Warrior445 viewsThis guy looks like he's ready to do battle with all forces of evil, including the US Government's Mind Control Unit, black dragons, urinating homeless people, and grilled chicken marsala.5 commentsposeurJun 12, 2006
Thai Wedding Party, #2393 viewsThe lovely best man and chief bridesmaid thingy. I love the his & her wedding casket action.2 commentsposeurJun 09, 2006
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