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Thai Corpse Wedding Party394 viewsSharkey found this photogallery of an Thai wedding party with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed up as corpses. Out of all those photos, this one seems to best represent the experience. Notice how horrified the extended family members seem to be. Shameful!1 commentsposeurJun 09, 2006
Robert Rich268 viewsI'm actually a fan of this guy.3 commentsposeurJun 09, 2006
Nosferatwink580 viewsI didn't know Nosferatu adopted such a fey strut. Was walking like a gay scary back in the day?5 commentsposeurJun 06, 2006
TRON Potter363 views"I wish I was Harry Potter and I could go out with TRON Guy to a Halloween Party."1 commentsposeurJun 03, 2006
Collector of ... stuff500 viewsI know grown men that collect comic books and Star Wars action figures. The difference between them and this guy is that I suspect the comic book collectors of the world aren't fantasizing about having sex with the X-men. .... or maybe they are. But at least it's not as in your face. Grown men into Evanescence, you gotta wonder.11 commentsposeurMay 30, 2006
Toilet Performance Art790 views"You squat and impersonate a rabbit. I'll wear mismatched socks and too much makeup. On the count of three, pee into the toilet. K?"4 commentsposeurMay 21, 2006
Knights of IPTables377 viewsHark, Squire Firewall. Less with the plate mail and more with the fixing of my laser printer. The shine in your armor only emphasizes the male pattern baldness.1 commentsposeurMay 21, 2006
N3PO426 viewsMess with the cherubic Greek goth rivet snow camo Arab, and you'll get the HORNS. At least this guy isn't German. Should we thank Monsignor Daterape there on the right for that little blessing?5 commentsposeurMay 17, 2006
The Flash?426 viewsCould you have possibly picked a lamer DC Comics superhero to impersonate at Comicon? Aquaman? Oh, what was I thinking? It's not like there aren't 100 images of Robin the Boi Wunder in this gallery. But I love the psychology behind the decisions these clowns make when picking their uniforms. Look at the body language on this specimen. Mr. Flash here looks depressed. Even the kid in front of him (is that Boba Fett?) doesn't want to have shit to do with him.5 commentsposeurMay 10, 2006
Waste Management521 viewsNo offense intended to trash dumpster lovers, but what the fuck are Heckyll and Jekyll here supposed to be?3 commentsposeurMay 10, 2006
...514 viewsGirls hate it when guys look better in girl clothes than girls do. I must be missing that humility gene.5 commentsposeurMay 05, 2006
Cross eyed crosses663 viewsStop looking at my tits, stop looking at my crossed eyes.7 commentsposeurMay 05, 2006
The Captain Strikes --OUT--462 viewsQuick, another round of rum shots for Captain Morbid and his sidekick Squire X, here. I'm not drunk enough to take Mr. Baggy Pleather Bondage Man and his scenester sidekick seriously.7 commentsposeurMay 05, 2006
GWAR faggotry657 viewsWill Sasso as Rob Halford meets Oderous from GWAR for a little "performance art."4 commentsposeurApr 21, 2006
Tony Clifton does Ray Charles805 viewsPunkabilly never got so bloody.poseurApr 21, 2006
The party ended a few years ago993 views... but this Magellan is still trying to keep it going with his half-baked tattooed perma-joke. Explain that one to your teenage son when attempting to lay down the "ground rules."2 commentsposeurApr 21, 2006
ICearsP755 viewsReprazentin' da Mall, y0.

... and people say that this site contributes to false stereotypes.
8 commentsposeurApr 21, 2006
fat suit527 viewsHave you ever walked in on your friends and caught them in the act of something so revolting and despicable? What exactly is going on in this image anyway? My guess is that Germans and alcohol are involved.3 commentsposeurApr 21, 2006
Nosferadon't1104 viewsI wipe my ass with my left hand and pick my nose with my right. Satan made me do it.8 commentsposeurApr 21, 2006
Lestat Arafat372 viewsOk, which one of you LARP pros is Lestat and which one of you is Yasser?1 commentsposeurApr 21, 2006
McRorie rocks Canada247 viewsThis guy is a one-man band, complete with MIDI triggers and Jan Hammeresque synths hanging off his kilt like he's some kinda romantic keyboard slayer. This guy is proclaimed a "Canadian Superstar". http://www.mcrorie.net1 commentsposeurApr 17, 2006
Ernst + Bern975 viewsFound this gem whilst browsing for pictures of rackmount servers of all fucking things. These guys are definitely German. Look team, I know running servers is k3wl n L33T n all that, but could you please not slack off in the hygeine department? Bern's fucking stache there looks like it could kill you in the blink of an eye all James Bond style.4 commentsposeurApr 14, 2006
Nintendo 64 Demon307 viewsThis kid looks more than a little possessed with the gleam of materialism.3 commentsposeurApr 10, 2006
Flaming AZN501 viewsUnwritten rule #903 of Cosplay: If you're going to bend genders with your costume, be sure to powder that side bulge so as to not offend anyone.3 commentsposeurApr 06, 2006
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