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Spongeblob Blackpants531 viewsThis picture is proof that the Spongebob trend is dead.7 commentsposeurApr 06, 2006
Men in tights never win fights668 viewsLet's just stop for a moment to observe the swashbuckling dapperness of men in tights and pirate-cuff boots.1 commentsposeurApr 05, 2006
Half baked and out of costume again528 viewsWhat Faire would be complete without a half-baked hippie pot dealer showing up out of costume and trying to feel up his girlfriend after she gets off her shift at the kissing booth?1 commentsposeurApr 05, 2006
Lifetime facial hair383 viewsGuys like this don't grow their facial hair just for the Faire, they are lifers.poseurApr 05, 2006
Burly Men with Pink Wings1184 viewsWTF's going on in this picture? It must be an emasculation ceremony.5 commentsposeurApr 05, 2006
Secret Life406 viewsMechanic, Investment Banker1 commentsposeurApr 05, 2006
Masters of the Basement Universe541 viewsBy the power of my plastic weaponry, I hereby invoke the powers of the 21+ crowd to manifest some beer ... please. -5 for wearing fishnet Madonna gloves.4 commentsposeurApr 02, 2006
Thought in action459 viewsNow all you need to do is figure out how to hook up a Krispy Kreme doughnut conveyor into that gasmask and you'd never have to leave the house.2 commentsposeurApr 01, 2006
Disco Vamp779 viewsVinny Vladdaduci here loves to rock the fly green rayon and white makeup on Saturday nights.4 commentsposeurApr 01, 2006
Redbeard rocks the Basement530 viewsBlack metal band concert photo ops are always a disaster. Half the time you get fat smelly fucks like this guy with his makeup all faded and caked into his red-dyed "behold my conversation-piece" goatee.3 commentsposeurApr 01, 2006
Stumps O'Malley559 viewsSing us a song, you're the piano man, eh.7 commentsposeurMar 31, 2006
Merry Chrizzles426 viewsMy boy Tyrone the Angry Black Dwarf always comes around with da Ripple and da crunk.5 commentsposeurMar 30, 2006
AZN Fonzarelli525 viewsIf you want to dress like this, Fonzie, you need to keep a hot ass babe within arm's reach or else forever suffer the designation of "leather fag."5 commentsposeurMar 29, 2006
You missed the "no tacos on webcam" memo554 viewsWhat's next? A picture of Germans playing with their own shit?5 commentsposeurMar 28, 2006
Evil is a matter of perception529 viewsStarving Sudanese kids probably see the amount of food you consume and think, "Man, that woman is evil."1 commentsposeurMar 28, 2006
Vamp grill with bling504 viewsThis vampire is obviously rolling fat. Times must be good over in Vampire Compton.7 commentsposeurMar 27, 2006
Pokemom and Dad573 viewsMom and Dad come to school to pick up their kids while dressed up in cosplay to win the affections of the young crowd, and in the process they end up causing lifelong emotional trauma to their poor kids.5 commentsposeurMar 27, 2006
bad priorities926 viewsMore: Laundry.
Less: Eyeliner wizardry.
3 commentsposeurMar 27, 2006
raver + fast music + drugs = LULz343 viewsIn the span of less than 30 seconds, you can watch this kid go thru "start the lawnmower", "Freddie Stubbs", and "candykid flipping his way to a heart attack."6 commentsposeurMar 26, 2006
Phil Spooktor290 viewsThis guy produced Ike & Tina & The Righteous Brothers and probaby popped a lot of pills with Elvis.3 commentsposeurMar 25, 2006
I <3 vinyl315 viewsMe at a fetish party in 2000.1 commentsposeurMar 24, 2006
Emaciated Robin on the prowl618 viewsWhoa whoa there, Paul. We all know that Cosplay shows are fun and exciting, but it doesn't give you the right to go popping boners and feeling up any scantily clad female within reach.7 commentsposeurMar 24, 2006
Robin470 viewsI don't think anyone has been paying much attention to Robin or his costume makeover. It's universally understood that Robin is the "bottom" in that superhero duo relationship, so who would notice your "R" makeover, buddy?2 commentsposeurMar 24, 2006
Pocky475 viewsFor some reason, foreign products and their advertising schemes make me laugh. Would you eat somethingn called Pocky?3 commentsposeurMar 24, 2006
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