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Hot Mall Rat580 viewsJust keep hanging out at the mall ... your knight in shining armor will eventually arrive. If that fails, post your glamour shots on the internet.poseurApr 13, 2010
Chocolate airbags369 viewsJesus Christ what did this woman's parents feed her as a child? The thumbnail of this image produced some interesting tricks on my eyes.poseurMar 29, 2010
Spider Mass476 viewsThis dude is going to slay the hot dog cart at the Comic Book convention.poseurMar 28, 2010
Count Liberace353 is now officially complete. Look at this fucking get-up! I know he looks a little bit like Michael Douglas.1 commentsposeurMar 27, 2010
Webmistress274 viewsYeah, of course it's the dumbest fucking term ever typed by an internet nerd. But somewhere, you know some Linux nerd is getting a chubby over this pic.poseurMar 27, 2010
When fetish stops being sexy272 viewsI know there are a few inflation fetishists out there. They probably had an erotic encounter with a child molesting clown balloon artist in their childhoods.poseurMar 23, 2010
Right here is cool, dude361 viewsHappy St. Patty's Day, you amateur fuck. Way to reprazent your heritage by sleeping on the street in your own poss.poseurMar 20, 2010
Yiffer Rave479 views$4 of fake fur from the craft store placed on top of your unwashed Cross Your Heart bra isn't going to win you first prize in the costume party at the Yiffer rave.poseurMar 14, 2010
Winner!300 viewsFat and drunk? Check.
Cheap American beer? Check.
Trashy public display of affection? Check.

Just because you're drunk, it doesn't mean this party is yours to hijack.
poseurMar 14, 2010
Your hairstyle is shite300 viewsThis is cute while you're cooking up some mac & cheese, but I dare you to leave the frat house looking like this. Worst part? People are most likely laughing behind your back and not to your face.poseurMar 09, 2010
More-hawk304 viewsYou know, sometimes you just gotta make sacrifices to impress the world. I'd hate to be this guy's girlfriend, because you know he's a bitch about his hair.poseurMar 09, 2010
super cutter378 viewsSome will go to extremes to win the costume contest. Others just want the world to know they cut themselves to know they're alive.poseurMar 09, 2010
Don Henley as a rivet goth369 viewsIn trying to get down to the heart of the matter, Don Henley realizes he's really a cyber rivet woman.poseurMar 09, 2010
More than just junk in her trunk361 viewsUnbelievable. This woman's ass has its own center of gravity, causing inanimate chairs to weep and groan.poseurMar 08, 2010
Tan buff guy is tan and buff500 viewsDude, you've achieved that perfect balance of buffness and tanness to perfectly disguise your janked up face.1 commentsposeurFeb 28, 2010
Wiccan goth for lyfe246 viewsGoth Robert Smith here joined the brotherhood of bad tattoos some time in the late 1980s and hasn't bothered to freshen the ink since then.poseurFeb 28, 2010
Fagure Skating at the Winter Gaymes515 viewsI'm having choice anxiety regarding which caption to use here. I'll let the keywords do the talking.poseurFeb 23, 2010
Super Mario Bros Cosplay?419 viewsWhen photos of you dressed up as a naked turtle surface on the internet, you can kiss everything you hold dear goodbye.poseurFeb 21, 2010
You're not gay if you're not the one suckin'583 viewsJust a Juggalo clown life, dude. Gettin' camp on, our drink on, our "sweaty gay blowjob" on. You know how we roll.3 commentsposeurFeb 12, 2010
There's slut wear, then there's a real costume281 viewsChicks have such an easy time on Halloween. All they need to do is pull out something from their "weekend clubbing" wardrobe. Guys gotta get really creative to get noticed.poseurJan 30, 2010
Wall to Wall Swastika Carpet391 viewsOk, so I know this isn't exactly a Swastika, but I couldn't resist posting this gem. The irony of this photo is not that it has Buddhist symbols and skeletons on it, it's that it's a fucking carpet. I guess the sight of bones is an inviting scene for people in Bombay to take their shoes off and walk barefoot.poseurJan 20, 2010
Tree hugga426 viewsDef Leppard meets Lil Kim on the streets of Philly. poseurJan 14, 2010
Know when to quit296 viewsI've known a few people who let their dreadlocks complicate their life, but this is beyond all I can possibly imagine. It's like a dreadlock came to life and sprung its own feet.poseurJan 04, 2010
Only In Florida521 viewsThey dial 911 to hail a taxi ride to the bar.1 commentsposeurDec 31, 2009
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