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Edward Scissorhands & Green Giant473 viewsIf you take the time to dye your hair green, why not go the extra yard and paint your hands green?poseurMar 07, 2008
Gandalf the Bumblebee368 viewsSure, the dog is tortured. But just imagine the tortured existence of its owner.poseurMar 04, 2008
Carrot Bottom or Carrot Top?688 viewsCartoon-like comedian Carrot Top trying his best to look hetero.2 commentsposeurFeb 28, 2008
Muscle Constipation401 viewsWhen you're as buff as Zagnut here, all you need to do is flex a bicep to push out a turd.1 commentsposeurFeb 27, 2008
Only in Norway449 viewsI may have done some dumb shit when I was growing up, and God knows I was bored as shit half the time, but no matter how liquored up on pilfered Old Grandad I was, I would never be caught dead making huge dicks out of snow and pose for photos with them.1 commentsposeurFeb 07, 2008
Sailor Moon? How about just "Sailor"422 viewsWhen you spend way too much time at the NOC and not enough time interacting with members of the opposite sex, your only shot at glory is going to a Cosplay convention. They have a convention for everything these days!2 commentsposeurFeb 07, 2008
New England Satyriots529 viewsIs it me, or does this tattoo look more like a Satyr than it does a football team mascot? FAIL!3 commentsposeurFeb 06, 2008
Darth Gaydar386 viewsNice work on breaking multiple don'ts in public. Only a homo can take an evil character and make it look gay.poseurJan 20, 2008
And the winner of 1995's Mall Mullet of the Year goes to ...418 viewsDate Rape Drake, who does a great impression of a weasel.poseurJan 20, 2008
Beer Viking474 views"I just love listening to music real loud and drinking beer in the hot sun while wearing my medieval leather war teddy!"3 commentsposeurJan 08, 2008
Lay off the Smuckers967 viewsThere comes a time in your life where you have to say to yourself, "you know, I think I'm a little too old for this Smuckers habit."poseurJan 06, 2008
This isn't San Francisco498 viewsPolice in Barcelona speaking with one of the town council members.1 commentsposeurDec 19, 2007
Merry Krampus400 viewsHonoring the German/Austrian of scaring the shit out of young kids in the name of hyping up St. Nick.1 commentsposeurDec 18, 2007
Hairbelly vs Baldbelly409 viewsThese guys are probably not Black Metal but the posturing in this angsty pic makes me chuckle with fat-jostling velocity.poseurNov 26, 2007
Kate Beckinsale on Halloween463 viewsOk so maybe all her red garments don't exactly match one another, but do we really care?1 commentsposeurNov 22, 2007
Smelling death in the ass392 viewsThe dog's expression is priceless. Here, boy! Pick up the trail starting with the shit trail in these draws!1 commentsposeurNov 20, 2007
Uh, don't look now ...414 views... but I think your piece of shit Toyota is about to explode.poseurNov 17, 2007
"It's de network mon"527 viewsI be havin de best cellular network in all of Lagos. I gots more bling in one ear den you have in your whole body, mon.2 commentsposeurNov 15, 2007
Not on the couch!398 viewsDon't fuck up my fake Italian leather couch please!poseurNov 11, 2007
Turnbuckle Tits578 viewsThis vampire poser actually masquerades as a wrestling Diva named "Ariel" or "Vampira" or "Halloween Barbie" or "Cle-Ho-Patra". I believe this gem is trying to market wrestling to the goth/wiccan sector of the Midwestern US economy. Don't believe me? Google it.

Yeah maybe it's a stretch to call a professional wrestler a "Celebrity" but that was the closest category that matched this one.
1 commentsposeurNov 09, 2007
Texan Prom Date471 viewsThis is a clever Halloween gimmick costume for about 10 minutes, until you have to spend the rest of your drunken night with your pants around your ankles carrying around a stuffed animal tied to your waist. Or maybe homeboy's used to rocking out like that ...2 commentsposeurNov 02, 2007
Wonder Woman460 viewsAmazons are supposed to be tall, not fat. Just imagine her taking her kids trick or treating.1 commentsposeurNov 02, 2007
Oscar de la PUTA427 viewsAy dios mio! The first person to call him a fag to his face wins the world middleweight championship.2 commentsposeurSep 23, 2007
Miguel the Klingon491 viewsNothing says "career minded" more than body modification that makes you look like an alien ... and I'm not talking about illegal alien here.3 commentsposeurSep 23, 2007
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