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Poor Kid409 viewsI feel bad for any kid whose parents work for the fucking circus.poseurSep 23, 2007
Latex Paladin397 viewsNice suit of armor buddy. Why not just cover yourself in heroin baggies and hang out with junkies?1 commentsposeurSep 23, 2007
Divine taking a d00k528 viewsI love this Divine wannabe's shameless posturing over the toilet. Great makeup job!2 commentsposeurSep 19, 2007
Fuck you, Steinbrenner346 viewsI'm no sports fan, but I am definitely a fan of giving assholes the finger.

You can almost hear him saying "wha wha what's this?"
2 commentsposeurSep 13, 2007
"Alabama Bench Warmer" or "Grace Under Pressure"413 viewsBiscuits and gravy didn't miss this person. Do you magically form a third ass cheek when you grow to this size?1 commentsposeurSep 05, 2007
Muslim blows himself up360 viewsThis is what happens when you take G-D's name in vain.2 commentsposeurAug 23, 2007
Makeout with the LEGO man382 viewsOne part Boy or Girl, one part MySpace Cadet, one part WTF = Psi Vamp Headcase.

You think this is weird? Oh yeah, like you haven't pushed a LEGO piece into your nono hole with LEGO Simpson here.
poseurAug 21, 2007
Khalid Sheikh O'Donnell322 viewsLollarious, and probably not too far from the truth.1 commentsposeurAug 21, 2007
Don't Go Changin'520 views"To try to please me. Just wear thick, thick eyeshadow, fake eyebrows, lush lipstick, and ....

Here. Hold this in your teeth."
3 commentsposeurAug 20, 2007
This is not me492 viewsBut it looks incredibly like me in corpse paint. Heh.2 commentsposeurAug 15, 2007
Mikey Wild the Philly Gay Leprechaun355 viewsMikey Wild, Philly's original punk rocker, dons some liquid latex and does his best Irish Klansman impression.poseurAug 15, 2007
Bela Pelosi Democratula for POTUS342 viewsPart 2 in the Politician Vampires series. Just remember, if Dubya and Cheney both die, she's #3 in the Presidential line of succession.1 commentsposeurAug 11, 2007
NosferRudy Giuliani for POTUS306 viewsAKA Rudy GhoulianiposeurAug 11, 2007
So happy be backstage!436 viewsBjorn from the NSBM band Sweatzkopf meeting with Cheng, owner of the Lucky Dragon Casino & Lounge in Macau.

Seriously, who the fuck are these people? This has to be one of the stranger photographs I've ever seen.

$10 VP Buckz to whoever identifies them.
3 commentsposeurAug 01, 2007
After The Police show476 viewsCarl, Wombat, and Wombat Jr. just basking in the post-Police glory at Citizen's Bank Park.

Do any disparaging comments really need to be made?

Photo Credit: Philly City Paper
6 commentsposeurJul 27, 2007
Eddie Van Helsing332 viewsThis is one corpse of a rockstar's reunion tour I won't be seeing.3 commentsposeurJul 27, 2007
Fang Signs370 viewsHand signals from deep within fang land. Please note the Buck Rogers studded hand accessories.1 commentsposeurJul 02, 2007
Either Washington DC or Germany402 views"Is that a singer in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"3 commentsposeurJun 23, 2007
Supa Bad365 viewsA little bit super hero, a little bit James Brown, with assy wannabe Clark Kent hair, fucked up super gapped teeth, and a 4-out-of-10 physique. Thanks for setting back African-American cultural comic book icons another 50 years!2 commentsposeurJun 19, 2007
Yesteryear's Rockstars371 viewsI don't see any difference between the rockstars of the 1970s and the pedophiles of today.2 commentsposeurJun 15, 2007
Nigerian Motorcycle Helmet421 viewsWhen you get sick of forgetting to wear your hat to work everyday, just grow your Afro into the shape of a hat and never be without shelter again!2 commentsposeurMay 10, 2007
Fredericks of Macedonia532 viewsIf this guy didn't look obviously Irish, I would say he's definitely trying to impersonate one of those hairy Aegean Sea fellows (or felines). Is this Phase 1 of getting a tan in the eastern Mediterranean?1 commentsposeurMay 10, 2007
You need a cattleprod417 viewsThanks to the wonders of GM animal foods, you can count on oversized shitfactories like this to keep popping up. Where's that Chinese grain in the animal food when you need it?poseurApr 25, 2007
Separated at birth?410 viewsTosbalok from Star Trek / Don Imus2 commentsposeurApr 13, 2007
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