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Boys on Bikes465 viewsProudly flying the flag from the continent of Pangayea.poseurApr 09, 2007
Getting the chupacabra costume off the ground571 viewsDoes the "no pants" part of this Mexican welder's costume help to reduce windshear?2 commentsposeurApr 09, 2007
Casting call for Morris Day & The Time's backup band475 viewsHere's an example of extreme Don'tness that would make even the lonliest fat white bitch cringe. Don't mind the sprinkles of date rape dust in the bottom of your busted crystal wine glass.4 commentsposeurApr 09, 2007
Andy Capp went metal472 views"Oi! Get me trousers and me pint o' Guiness, wench! I already got me hair-matching underwears!"3 commentsposeurApr 09, 2007
I said "clean the bathroom", not "have a photoshoot"471 viewsMock bathroom suicide photo #129827398. 2 commentsposeurApr 08, 2007
Lycanthrope Love485 viewsPlease, shoot some more heroin. It might lazy up that one good eye you have there. What is wrong with America?poseurApr 04, 2007
Rethinking the whole "procreation" thing413 viewsMaybe it's acceptable to let your toddler babysit your infant in the Deep South, but not up here in civilization.3 commentsposeurApr 02, 2007
My job is sucking me dry419 viewsI only added this picture because it was entitled "mark_vampire" and features some smacked ass sitting at a computer in his cubicle. Sadly, it made me think of myself.poseurMar 28, 2007
Cockblock Teen Grundle Force464 views"My brother Samuel will do anything to keep the men away from me."poseurMar 28, 2007
"Not for kids" or "Scarred for Life"450 viewsThis is from some nude biking rally in San Francisco. Can you say "childhood trauma?" The kid's expression is priceless.3 commentsposeurMar 21, 2007
"French Tourists" or "Homeland Security Lost Our Luggage"458 viewsThis is what happens when you try to smuggle Foie Gras and Brie into the United States. This is also what happens when you happen to be French.1 commentsposeurMar 16, 2007
Vinny Van Gogh-tee454 viewsTrichotillomanicuring - The obsessive compulsive habit of molding one's body hair into famous works of art.1 commentsposeurMar 12, 2007
for pwnxd639 viewsI couldn't decide which one to use, so I posted all three.2 commentsposeurMar 01, 2007
OuranGUTan583 viewsWhile I admire that this specimen doesn't try to front with the "tribal markings" (despite this being a jungle nature scene), I must ask the burning questions. Why do paunch-bellied NASCAR fans use their belly button as a focal point for a tattoo, and why is that focal point always the asshole of some stinky animal like a monkey or cow?

"Fuck it, I'm not getting laid anyway."
poseurMar 01, 2007
Silent 'ill605 views"My tattoos are cultural expressions."

Here we have some ceremonial markings from a member of the Green Bay, WI tribe.

(This makes my ATARI YARS' REVENGE tattoo look 'vintage'.)
poseurFeb 26, 2007
Set them free397 views"Jimmy Earl, if you love something, you gotta set them free. All 43 of 'em. Yes sir'ee Bob. Time to give up the cat farm."

... because you KNOW this guy is some guy from Alabama and he has 42 more cats painted just like that ... to match his jacket of course. I've never seen a more obvious cry for help on either face here.
2 commentsposeurFeb 21, 2007
ICPee, and it's not in the litter pan387 viewsCats aren't fans of ICP, or music at all for that matter. This cat's owner needs to be locked away.1 commentsposeurFeb 21, 2007
Flea bath for Gizmo406 views"Listen, you little fuckin gremlin, I know you're a cute little mogwai and all, and we can't get you wet and all that, but you're making granny's cankles break out in hives from all the flea bites. TO THE SHOWERS!"2 commentsposeurFeb 21, 2007
Captain Americat418 viewsNever forget 9-11 or all the brave men & women who have died for our freedoms by painting your cat with this new Stars & Stripes Cat Coloring Paint Set from QVC. Call me a communist, but if this is how people exercise their freedom, I don't want it!1 commentsposeurFeb 20, 2007
Yeah, dogs are soooo clean!419 viewsSome say that a dog's mouth is actually cleaner than a human's mouth with regards to bacteria levels. Does that account for the frequency with which dogs tonguehandle their own genitalia? The whole "Man's Best Friend" label is coming into focus here. Even self-sucking is apparently not a unique human idea.2 commentsposeurFeb 20, 2007
Mazel Tov! or "The Bride gets her own cake"570 viewsI can't see where the cake/icing ends and where her dress/body begins. She just looks like she's sitting in a huge Carvel cake.4 commentsposeurFeb 11, 2007
High Society423 viewsGood thing Earl here thought of a way to ventilate his pizza pouch. Give me a shot of the "I don't give a shit" punch!3 commentsposeurFeb 07, 2007
What not to wear to the beach695 viewsI'm looking forward to the day when I don't care what I look like in public. I'll make sure to be a beach bum in Miami when the time comes.2 commentsposeurFeb 07, 2007
Burger Time Metal437 viewsAll I can say is that this guitarist must really shred.3 commentsposeurFeb 05, 2007
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