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Wolferine422 viewsPaul Wolfowitz heads the World Bank. You mean to tell me this guy can't afford a new pair of socks? He must have knives for toes!1 commentsposeurFeb 02, 2007
Corporate Whore329 viewsI bought this tie with Google AdSense revenue ... at Goodwill.4 commentsposeurJan 31, 2007
Think of the children442 viewsWhen you raise your kids on TV dinners, hip-hop, and professional wrestling, don't whine when they come out looking like this.5 commentsposeurJan 25, 2007
Azuka Flux651 viewsI like this picture even though her attire spans multiple centuries, continents, and AD&D expansion pack modules.3 commentsposeurJan 22, 2007
I hate dogs405 viewsWouldn't life be grand to always fear coming home to this fucking mess? The only thing missing from this pic is a pile of cotton stuffing puke.

"Don't think that you're so cute and loveable that I won't punt your ass thru the wall, Fido."
2 commentsposeurJan 18, 2007
Octa-thong-arian724 viewsDo us a favor, please. When you turn 80 and your ass is smaller than your hips, please retire the thong.3 commentsposeurJan 12, 2007
Lily Munster, RIP571 viewsYvonne De Carlo apparently posed nude and had a nice rack.1 commentsposeurJan 10, 2007
Mummer's Yawn523 viewsPoseur + Love Cartridge bored @ the belated Mummer's Day Parade.3 commentsposeurJan 09, 2007
Oompa Loompa366 viewsYou can't show up to the party alone dressed like this.poseurDec 31, 2006
Vorvon the Space Vampire Poser443 viewsCreature from an old Buck Rogers TV episode, originally aired Jan 3 1980. This is about as risque as the half-baked 80's Sci-Fi TV future-nerd writers could get back then. Hey, at least Erin Gray looked good in glitter spandex even if you had to sit thru Goth Club Space Vampire guys named Vorvon and Buck Rogers wearing skimpy leather, hairy chest all blaring out at you.poseurDec 28, 2006
Struggling for the perfect pics555 viewsHere at, we will go to any lengths to capture only the best quality photos for your viewing pleasure.2 commentsposeurDec 22, 2006
Conan the Raver Barbarian374 viewsHe's much more deadly with glowsticks.1 commentsposeurDec 18, 2006
Fucking Kids545 views"I know 2 little fucking demonoids that won't be getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year. What's the point when you already destroyed my HDTV, you little shitsmearing diaperstainers?"7 commentsposeurDec 13, 2006
Scared of Santa380 viewsThere's something about Santa scaring the shit out of kids that warms my heart and gives me Yuletide cheer. This kid is wailing so hard you can see his tonsils.1 commentsposeurDec 13, 2006
mmmm...575 viewsMom? Meh? Who the fuck tattoos the word "mmm" on themself?

Someone identify this for me. I thought it might have been Gir with a curly afro but I think the goosebump stubble may be interfering with the perspective.
poseurDec 10, 2006
Krampus + Krizzle409 views"Mommy, if that man is going to deliver me my Nintendo Wii, I DON'T WANT IT!"poseurDec 07, 2006
Krampus the Christmas Demon400 viewsApparently this is an Austrian tradition. Krampus is a "devil-like figure" who drives away evil spirits during the Christmas holiday season. I wonder if that includes the Sony Corporation, greedy kids, and their backstabbing, game-console PS3 coveting parents who would run you over to get the latest gagetry.

Don't get too close or Krampus will smack the gingerbread out of your hand with his long curved stick of death
poseurDec 07, 2006
Get your dick out of my nachos!447 viewsI'm a kosher vampire, dammit.1 commentsposeurDec 05, 2006
Star Wars Nerds + Baseball Nerds = NO454 viewsBut I'm sure I'd rather get hit with a fast pitch from a wookie than a flying puked up hairball or a blaster to the head.2 commentsposeurDec 05, 2006
"Thank God this will wash off!"689 views"..... right?"1 commentsposeurNov 30, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving545 viewsSleeping in easy chair - Check.
Passed out while eating w/food still in arm's reach - Check.
Remote, water, beermug, napkin - Check.
Mouth agape - Check.
poseurNov 24, 2006
Reese's Poof585 viewsA+ on the concept, F- on not being a fat ass.4 commentsposeurNov 24, 2006
Hawk Burgers1039 viewsThis is a TV dinner sold @ WalMart. There are so many things wrong and unappetizing about this dish, I don't know where to begin my commentary. Suffice it to say, just remember to cook your Night Hawk TV dinners thoroughly.3 commentsposeurNov 21, 2006
Caught Red Palmed511 viewsIf you live in a house filled with young siblings, it's probably a good idea to lock your bedroom door lest they come in and take a picture of you in your post orgasmic porn-pistachio bliss.

Keyboard/mouse on bed: Check.
Towel/clothes on bed: Check.
Eating food in bed: Check.
Clueless look: Check.
poseurNov 09, 2006
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