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Last additions - poseur
Flex, Grunt, and Wheezer557 viewsThree soldiers from the ICP Army.

ICP accessories = check.
Wood paneling = check.
Makeup after Halloween = check.
2 commentsposeurNov 07, 2006
Best Halloween costume for a pregnant woman678 viewsThis one made me do a double take.2 commentsposeurNov 03, 2006
Black Metal meets MySpace541 viewsThe best of both worlds. Striking the grimmest Black Metal pose AND a MySpace angle in the same photo. What a gem.2 commentsposeurNov 02, 2006
Posers Behind The Walls369 viewsMore of Johnny C's buddies from Terror Behind The Walls from Halloween night. Flashing gang signs + metal horns = A+++ posing.poseurNov 01, 2006
Terror Behind the Dreadlocks399 viewsJohnny C and one of his Rastafarian colleagues at Terror Behind The Walls. This gives new definition to the term "BLOODCLOT!"2 commentsposeurNov 01, 2006
Cockstume Tards483 viewsYou're going to be a smash hit at that gay costume party ... or amongst women who's husbands/boyfriends are scared of sex toys.3 commentsposeurOct 30, 2006
Poseur and Sister Phil350 viewsMy drummer. He takes orders from me.1 commentsposeurOct 29, 2006
Happy Halloween365 viewsPerfect costumes for under $10.1 commentsposeurOct 29, 2006
Johnny C & The Crew397 viewsMore pics of Johnny C and his ghangsta ghoul theater troupe.1 commentsposeurOct 26, 2006
Baby eater405 viewsJohnny C sports his best babyeating makeup for Terror Behind The Walls.1 commentsposeurOct 26, 2006
Emo Zombie595 viewsEmo flip w/skunk coloring: Check.
Zombie makeup Sarcoma sores: Check.
MySpace Angles: Check.
Full laundry hamper: Check.

To the showers with you, my little thespian.
1 commentsposeurOct 26, 2006
Cheesesteak Yarmulke378 viewsDis iz how we roll (torpedo) in Philly.1 commentsposeurOct 24, 2006
Hasselsofft Drink315 viewsYou know, for a straight guy, David sure does make me wonder.1 commentsposeurOct 22, 2006
Borat's Cousin Muhktar510 viewsYou're creeping me out with your prisonlike molester-moustache stare, there Yanni.5 commentsposeurOct 21, 2006
Nosebleed or Scary Costume?359 viewsAnother pic of my buddy Johnny C from Eastern State Penn's "Terror Behind The Walls" in Philly.poseurOct 21, 2006
Leatherclad AZN Metalhead470 views"rong rive brack metal!"4 commentsposeurOct 14, 2006
Zombie Democrats288 viewsWho knew Bob Hope was so hip to Vampire politics?poseurOct 14, 2006
Kim Jong hIl-ton445 views... only in this man's kimchee-drenched dreams.poseurOct 13, 2006
Les or Leslie773 viewsEven *if* this guy was illegitimately locked up, do you honestly think anyone would care? Get his pockmarked, mole-covered, stubble laden ass off the streets forever. You can't possibly panhandle enough to finish the botched sex-change journey you've embarked upon.4 commentsposeurOct 13, 2006
Ninja Laptop Nerdery370 viewsThis picture just fucking cracks me up. Where else are you going to find nerds with DJ equipment standing next to a guy in a 10-gallon cowboy hat standing in front of someone holding a baby? Nowhere but commentsposeurOct 10, 2006
Pyongyang tests "The Big One"459 viewsDuck and cover!1 commentsposeurOct 09, 2006
Castle Chinkenstein1191 viewsI'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I couldn't resist. This is a Don't. WTF planet is this?7 commentsposeurOct 06, 2006
THE PAIN CENTER447 viewsCocktumor and poseur stop off at THE PAIN CENTER to restock. Incidentally, if I was suffering from chronic pain and I needed to go see a specialist, the last place I'd go is some place called THE PAIN CENTER with a marquee designed with RED LETTERS IN ALL CAPS.4 commentsposeurOct 05, 2006
Rocky Bengali461 viewsForeigners come to our shores, not to see the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, or Mt. Rushmore, but only to pose with a statue of Philadelphia's only sports hero and bask in the imagined glory.poseurOct 05, 2006
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