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Last additions - engelbert
I'm too sexy for my shower667 viewsi think how the colour of his feet match the colour of his ass-crack is a nice touch :-S8 commentsengelbertAug 05, 2006
the first day of "binge week"341 views"what do you mean you ate the last slice of Double-Decker Chocolate Decadence Deluxe cake???? rawrrrrr!!!!"

this makes me want to tinkle
engelbertAug 05, 2006
if Kramer had a sister...337 views...this is what their offspring would look like... they epitomise the term "troglodyte" wouldn't you agree? or maybe this is the hot new look on the catwalks in Milan??? :-S4 commentsengelbertAug 05, 2006
Kiss Me I'm Irish358 viewsi don't think even at last call after ingesting many green-dyed pints on st. patties day would make this guy one-night-stand worthy3 commentsengelbertAug 05, 2006
if Charles and Marilyn pro-created660 viewsheh i need help on this one, the title says it all i think.5 commentsengelbertAug 04, 2006
hello petophile337 viewsnow this just makes me want to go all "diddums"

this is actually a friend on myspace, good sense of humour he has... supposedly his mom made this costume for him... he didn't go into detail about what the event was though... i kind of don't want to know
2 commentsengelbertAug 04, 2006
pleph...342 viewslate night for me, being a drunk (and other things) tard... go nuts.7 commentsengelbertMay 07, 2006
not quite ready811 viewsit's cute to see these types steeping in their so-called pain-obliviousness... however, in cases like this, she is stronger if she knew, going in to this, it would be a very robust amount of pain to digest.

the one who has the stronger will power is the one who knows they're in for a world of hurt, other than the one that knows their own body and is just putting on a show to prove a "point".
3 commentsengelbertMay 06, 2006
what they dream about1711 viewsi don't support any forms of cosplay/furkin in any way... but they trapped this young female to pose this way. and, i hate to say it, being a heterosexual male, this is appealing to a degree... not to be taken seriously, but... okay, say you went to a hallowe'en get together, and your significant other went to this extent and this is what was offered to you when you were doing your "retire for the evening" routine... you'd be a lying sack of shit to say you wouldn't try.16 commentsengelbertMay 06, 2006
testeing the waters?689 viewsdevelop more taste, i know many faggots would smack you silly for giving them a bad name... or... wait, this is just some rejected genre-schizophrenic cosplay dork... 6 commentsengelbertMay 03, 2006
Furkin Idiotic770 viewsthis has a touch of everything wrong, alluding to toilet tricks and yiffing, poorly done make-up/idiotic looking costume, i could post more shimmering examples of this sort of thing, but, that be well and beyond PG-13 :|5 commentsengelbertMay 01, 2006
The Edge of out right stupidity431 viewswell at least he can buzz this off or let it grow in, at least it's not something more permanent like a tattoo or a branding :-S4 commentsengelbertApr 30, 2006
engelturd381 viewsscrawny chicken gizzard at large, go nuts.

(yes, i implement "the angles")
6 commentsengelbertApr 18, 2006
just....gotta hold it song...unnnnghhh!!!363 viewstrend reznerd* - shining ever so brightly for his adoring fans, sucking the integrity of "dark alternative" music dry, even from beneath the feet of respected predecessors of truly "dark" veterans like Bauhaus, as they fall in line(-up) to grab up any coins he happens to drop from his deep pockets...with Peaches as their roadwhore...

*(thanks to poseur for the name twist B-) )
5 commentsengelbertApr 18, 2006
dong and a song387 viewsthis had to be posted eventually, third place winner of the series Pop Idol, Darius Danesh is seen here crooning to a young "admirer" who is probably thinking "why does Joey Tribbiani look so bad? (mommy!)"

aside from the fact that his dong is seen dangling (in the original) it's a bit odd that mr. Danesh here isn't even looking the little girl in the face, but drunkenly at her chest.

where is the relevance? he's another product pawn of the vampiric corporate establishment which has now moved onto scooping up any and every "indie/emo/hardcore" teen band in the hopes of continuing the drawing of blood. (see mypace for examples/details).
2 commentsengelbertApr 17, 2006
oh yeah ladieeeeeees.....491 i cooooome 6 commentsengelbertApr 11, 2006
welcome to the abyss640 views....wait a minute, this isn't a buffet slayer, it's a bean bag chair :-?4 commentsengelbertApr 11, 2006
skeletwink2082 viewsi too dream of being a questionably queer walking billboard.. he should've aimed for AdidasS... the skeleton has that totally flaming "oh that dress just looks HORRID on you" type of look... i love his faux "macho man" type pose, i bet he gets into alot of sissy-slap fights. alright, i'll shut up before i break a nail typing this shit. 11 commentsengelbertApr 11, 2006
let's try -this- angle737 viewsthat old "oh this is my better side" pose... i'm glad her naked feet are visible in this... it just goes to show how much strain feet go through when they're carrying the weight of a barn full of raw chicken gizzards on them.... this is an example of a crystal meth junkie, contrary to popular belief, they're not always skinny... the knife suggests that she's well aware of the fact she needs to switch to better chemicals1 commentsengelbertApr 11, 2006
"i wanted to be a rock star...650 least this saves me from having to work in the kitchen appliances section at Future Shop..."

*i would've put this in ink guy fucked up but this tubby has well done tats, i guess he would since he's got more than enough canvas to work with...
2 commentsengelbertApr 11, 2006
this is mad love659 viewsangry sex goes astray after "victim" says right after making love: "your sister's beautiful"... if you look closely you can make out pretty much anything here "i <3 will shatner", "IBM RULZ" "BLT, NO SUPERSIZE ME", etc. etc. etc.... meanwhile he's still confuzzled over why the dildo was made out of oak. engelbertApr 11, 2006
Alice784 viewsi'm sorry, i had to post this here, Alice Krige is.2 commentsengelbertApr 02, 2006
839 viewsanyone who goes through the standardized profiles of things like baldur's gate, etc, will know what i'm talking about here.... this is a perfect shot for something to be tabletted to a profile of the like.1 commentsengelbertApr 02, 2006
at this early point...1057 viewsthis is visual stimulation in a more "pleasing" frame... as shallow as it is... some of the people here are some fungly mundurfuckers... this is here for the eyes to relax, am i mistaken?8 commentsengelbertApr 02, 2006
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