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Last additions - Funker_joe
word482 viewsSheeit homes, I cut chew and drink... PBR?Funker_joeNov 06, 2008
Pimp C492 viewsApparently, this is a girl. She's 21. Somewhere in New Mexico. I think we need to re-open the Manhattan project.1 commentsFunker_joeOct 31, 2008
Why?426 viewsI don't want to go there right now, but jesus christ brush em.1 commentsFunker_joeJan 02, 2008
Yet Another VP Seperated at Birth!506 viewsI Like Turtles zombie kid and the zombie who isn't Poseur.Funker_joeOct 05, 2007
Retarded Dog396 viewsThere should be a special olympics for dogs like this.Funker_joeFeb 23, 2007
Cut it off590 viewsBefore the infection spreads1 commentsFunker_joeFeb 23, 2007
Jesus H. Christ489 viewsYour ink guy fucked up? Buffet slayer? All of the above?

I don't know, but the world has reached a new low.
Funker_joeFeb 23, 2007
I love Jesus Homie!587 viewsShit fool, I'm down wit Jesus till I'm in da ground.3 commentsFunker_joeFeb 13, 2007
Oh Noes397 viewsNothing like toy hockey-masks.1 commentsFunker_joeJan 30, 2007
Metal as FUCK647 viewsI dunno, fuck IS pretty metal.2 commentsFunker_joeNov 26, 2006
Need a reason for mass murder?479 viewsJust remember most people on this fucking planet have a MySpace, and 2/3 of the population look/act like this.3 commentsFunker_joeOct 24, 2006
I'm too tired to come up with something clever476 viewsBut the picture speaks for itself6 commentsFunker_joeOct 19, 2006
Not separated at birth...328 views...because they're one and the same!

Thought you could fool us, eh "Mark"?
2 commentsFunker_joeSep 01, 2006
Patrick Renna & Juggatard Separated at birth?322 viewsFor those of you who don't know, Patrick Renna was in that terrible soccer movie "The Big Green".3 commentsFunker_joeSep 01, 2006
OMG FRED_SANFORD341 viewsIM SO GAY LOOK AT ME I LUV DICK7 commentsFunker_joeAug 25, 2006
Hmm...577 viewsDid that brown stuff on the girl's leg come from that bellybutton? Let's fucking hope not. Also, what is that fluid they're in?10 commentsFunker_joeAug 07, 2006
I HATE YOU MOMMY!529 viewsTHIS FAMILY STINKS!5 commentsFunker_joeJul 11, 2006
Impulse to Destroy505 viewsWhen I see images like this online, I always have a few seconds in which I almost attack the screen when my brain stem tries to take over... I just hope I never see someone doing this in public.1 commentsFunker_joeJul 10, 2006
No Description Needed548 views7 commentsFunker_joeJul 09, 2006
Eyeliner + Shaky Hand = Bad766 viewsSeriously, people should really quit drawing all over their faces with eyeliner... it never looked good and it never will.4 commentsFunker_joeMay 09, 2006
Biker Vamps404 viewsI honestly have no idea what's going on here.7 commentsFunker_joeMay 09, 2006
Classic Example698 viewsThis picture is the very meaning of "makeup disaster".5 commentsFunker_joeMay 09, 2006
Greasy Nails Vamp463 viewsNever should a guy's nails get this long. Or should a anyone ever wear those finger gauntlet things.3 commentsFunker_joeMay 09, 2006
Twisted... art gallery?579 viewsIs it just me or does it look like there's an art showing behind these tards?3 commentsFunker_joeMay 09, 2006
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