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Image search results - "drunk"
dong and a song387 viewsthis had to be posted eventually, third place winner of the series Pop Idol, Darius Danesh is seen here crooning to a young "admirer" who is probably thinking "why does Joey Tribbiani look so bad? (mommy!)"

aside from the fact that his dong is seen dangling (in the original) it's a bit odd that mr. Danesh here isn't even looking the little girl in the face, but drunkenly at her chest.

where is the relevance? he's another product pawn of the vampiric corporate establishment which has now moved onto scooping up any and every "indie/emo/hardcore" teen band in the hopes of continuing the drawing of blood. (see mypace for examples/details).
2 commentsengelbert
reverbperv + the best man351 viewsI want that guy to stick his swarthy drunken hands down my pants.3 commentsposeur
Beer Viking474 views"I just love listening to music real loud and drinking beer in the hot sun while wearing my medieval leather war teddy!"3 commentsposeur
Only in Norway449 viewsI may have done some dumb shit when I was growing up, and God knows I was bored as shit half the time, but no matter how liquored up on pilfered Old Grandad I was, I would never be caught dead making huge dicks out of snow and pose for photos with them.1 commentsposeur
I slept through the whole prom469 views... even the part where I got wasted drunk and let my friends draw all over my face.poseur
Pirate Princess Pickle Bunny462 viewsThe ancient Greeks and their fraternity caste gave us two things:

1) Gay pride
2) Drawing on the first man to pass out drunk.

Well I guess that's really just one thing.
Winner!300 viewsFat and drunk? Check.
Cheap American beer? Check.
Trashy public display of affection? Check.

Just because you're drunk, it doesn't mean this party is yours to hijack.
Right here is cool, dude361 viewsHappy St. Patty's Day, you amateur fuck. Way to reprazent your heritage by sleeping on the street in your own poss.poseur
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